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Hungarian Mfg. Lake City .30-06 ?

I just picked up some ammo that is labeled Lake City .30 gov't, and its made in Hungary. The head stamp is L C 30-06. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with it, because I have not had the chance yet to shoot it. Is it any good, worth buying the rest of it that they have (comes out to $0.29 per round).
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I had some, probably about 200 rounds. It shot OK in my M1's, cycled OK, didn't damage anything. It was non-corrosive and boxer primed. I wouldn't say it was the last word in the accuracy department, probably on par with the real Lake City the CMP is selling. I reloaded it 3 times after the initial firing, but that's all I shoot my brass is four times total.
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"...made in Hungary..." LC it ain't. Lake City Arsenal isn't in Hungary. The brass may be LC, but the ammo isn't.
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Even the brass isn't real USGI Lake City. They are just using the name like Springfield, Inc. does today.
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There was a thread over on about this back in January.

Folks were under the impression that this ammo was a 7.62mm 147gr bullet loaded in a .30-06 LC case. The ammo was reported to be imported by Armscorp in Baltimore, MD.

The ammo was reported as being about .007" shorter than USGI M2 ball and the bullet seated deeper.

There were no range reports on the ammo.
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According to the this cartridge collectors website, "LC" stamped ammo is made by Måtravidèki Fèmmüvek, H-3332 Sirok, Hungary, for: Armscorp USA Inc., Baltimore, MD. That sounds like the stuff being discussed here. ... bottom.htm
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