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Spare bolts

I've got 2 7.62 cal Garands and would like to get a spare bolt body for each. How do I get them headspaced to the existing barrels? Is this something a gunsmith has to do? Does it involve going through a lot of bolt bodies to find ones that will headspace?
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It depends if they are already fully chambered or if they are short chambered. If they are already fully chambered it is a matter of installing them on to a receiver, then checking the bolts for proper head space.
If they are short chambered, it is a matter of reaming the chamber to proper length. Not hard with the proper tools. The last one I did, I used a "Pull Through Reamer". It took about 2 minutes once the barrel was on, to headspace. Okay, well, maybe 5 minutes.
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Since these are 'Spare-Bolts' I'm going to assume that you already have bolts headspaced to these rifles. What you're going to have to do is buy a few bolts. Look at the numbers on one of the bolts already in the rifles. See the -number? Like -12 or -17? or possibly even a 65 at the beginning of the bolt number. You haver to buy several bolts with the same - numbers and check headspace with each one.
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Assuming you have the extra bolts like I did, I just took them and checked the head space with go/no-go gauges. The 3 rifles I checked all head-space just fine with the extra bolts.

Most will inter-change just fine but safety says check first. I have never heard of a percentage that would or would not.

A field gauge would work too and has a larger margin of headspace for passing than the no-go gauge.
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