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Sat. at the North Store

This was my 3rd trip but the first time I could take my time. I think I handled almost every Garand there. Rack Grades predominated. Winchesters, 2 racks, beyond the receivers they were mostly SA. A couple had WRA bolts, none had WRA barrels. The woodless Danes had mostly late '40s or early 50's barrels. The collector HRA's were better than my budget, but good to look at. They must be gearing up for the matches as they had gauges and CMP stock sets. The first time they had those that I had been there. I ended up with 2 6 digit rifles, one a woodless dane and the other Greek rack grade. The RG is all SA. decent stock and decent finish. It gauged [email protected] and [email protected] The dane is 5.5MW & 4.5TE. The dane is going to get re-barreled and parked then put into a very nice CMP stock set. The stock on the rack grade had a RIA stamp and circled P.

I got there about 10:30 ( got lost cutting through Toledo), and there were about 10 people there. They cleared out by noon. Kind of funny the folks working were visiting with a soldier that came in later and he asked about needing to keep an eye on people in there. They said they needed to keep people from taking parts. Apparently in the group there this a.m. was 2 locals. Must have been regulars that spent about 4 hours looking. When it got busy they used the diversion to swap trigger groups. The folks referred to them as 2 local doctors that come in occasionally. Says a lot about their integrity, one more reason I don't like doc's. If they read this -- Shame on you, I would have kicked you out, you know who you are.

Well any way it was a good day.

Met Mr Wee. A very nice fellow.


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You should have narc'ed on them. There is no shame in pointing out someone who is cheating.
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I would have in heart beat!!!!!

This is what I heard after the crould left. I remember them walking around. And I remember them standing at the counter when the swap was to have taken place. The reason I feel confident in putting this out here is that the Cmp guy caught them and told them what went where. He came up a second time and they were still at it.

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They're NOT collectors or shooters....

People like these are interested in getting something for nothing or more than they paid for. All they want is something no one else has so they can brag and feel superior at the range or gunshow. Inferiority complexes possibly? You could feel sorry for them if you weren't so angry with them for thieving.
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