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Stock Repair

I have a M1 garand stock that is nice shape, the problem is the wood is stripped for the butt plate screw can someone advise the best way to fix this problem. Thank You.
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Put some flat toothpicks in the hole & then tighten the screw down.
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I had a piece of furniture where a few of the holes in the wood was also stripped.....I filled the holes with wood putty, let it dry overnight and re-drilled the like a charm.

a plastic anchor also works like a charm, just cut off the top of the anchor, so it doesn't protrude past the wood, after you pound it in
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Drill out the hole and glue a dowl into the hole to repair the stripped out screw hole.
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+ 1 for the plastic anchor.

Semper Fi!!
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I've drilled the holes out in the past and epoxied a dowel into it then simply drill a new hole . Not as fast as other methods but very quality way of getting it done .

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Just wanted to say thanks, got the srew hole fixed, filled it with wood putty, let it dry drilled a new hole worked like a charm. While cleaning the stock, I found a cartouche on the left side that was hiding under the grime and grease, AACC from what I an tell anybody know anything about this mark. Thanks Again.
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The ideal way to do this is to ream out the existing screw hole with a drill bit that's the same diameter as a hardwood dowel. After reaming, test fit the dowel; it should be snug. If it's too tight wrap sandpaper around a smaller-diameter dowel and use this tool to slowly enlarge the hole in the stock. (Or you can try the opposite approach and carefully reduce the diameter of the dowel itself by twirling the dowel against some coarse sandpaper.)

Cut the dowel so that it is slightly shorter than the height of the hole.

When you're finished with this step, mix up some 5 or 30 minute epoxy, spread this around the outside of the dowel, and then pound the hardwood dowel into the hole with a rubber or wooden mallet. Wipe off any excess epoxy.

Use the hardest and straightest wood you can find for the dowel.
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