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Grease Diagram

I've tried a search and gave up trying to find the answer on my dial-up connection. I've looked at the CMP diagram for where to grease my M1 but it is as clear as mud -- I'd like to say looking at it at midnight was the factor but then again... Anyway, does anyone/know know a good large diagram of the areas I need to grease my M1 so I can make sure I do it right?

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This is the only one I can find..hope it helps.

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Just remember that a little goes a long way. You do not have to slather it on for it to do its job. You'll probably over do it the first couple of times but there are some clear indicators of what is too much.

First time out after about 2 clips I was having problems seeing through all the little dots on my shooting glasses. When I took them off to clean them, it was the excess grease that was being thrown off the rifle.

After an extended shooting session, look at all the grease points and you'll have a good idea of how little is necessary to operate it.

Happy shooting!

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Grease Diagram

Thanks Shark708. I have a couple of friends that are new to the M1 and the diagram will be a great help to them. I printed it for them.
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Here is the same picture, but with the name of the reference guide it came out of.
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