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Another Project (pic)...

I got to looking around the gun room and I started putting my spare parts in a pile. I picked up this receiver last fall after a friend paid me in cash for some work I did. The barrel looked like the only thing wrong with it was the crown. A few minutes later, the crown was like new and a muzzle gage said 1 1/4. The stock went through the dishwasher a while back. A little sanding showed some nice flame birch. I had a gas cylinder with lock and plug, a rear sight assembly, all the parts for a complete trigger group, a spare op-rod, and a bolt. I sat down with the exploded view in the back of the CMP's "Read This First" book and a Shotgun News with a listing of Sarco's parts for M1's. After I totaled up all the receiver internals, butt plate screws, butt plate, op-rod spring, a stock ferule, and other little assorted pins and springs I didn't have, I found I could build a working M1 for $122.50!
So, here it is. I've got two other M1 projects in front of it, but it keeps me out of trouble.
The only thing now is that I see on the CMP's web site that the north store is listing grade "A" Winchester receivers. I'll have to run up there tomorrow morning and see what's up. This receiver could end up back on the shelf. Another project? Oh well!
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I've come to really like the look of some of the replacement birch stocks! Yours look great! Think your hand guards will match up? Let us see some pictures after you spend your $122.

rifle guy
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Unfortunately, no I don't have much confidence in the hand guards matching up other than they are birch as well. The front handguard may have some flame in it. It shows something when I turn it in the light. A fine sanding will tell. The rear handguard looks pretty plain to me and it has a ding in it that would not steam out as the wood fiber is actually broken. I'll be watching the gun shows for birch handguards. You never know what may turn up.
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The north store had 15+ Win receivers last friday. Call and ask if they still have them.

Semper Fi
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Very nice!
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