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Staking of screws

How were the screws of a post war SA staked, especially the gas cylinder screw?? What do they look like? TIA
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I maybe wrong, but from past posts, each company had some type of equipment that preformed the staking operation but that equipment is long gone. Unless you find someone who worked in the armory doing the staking and can tell us how, it is speculation on our parts.

Maybe someone knows more and will write on this subject. I would be interested myself.
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Don't know how they did it, I just wich they hadn't. Makes removing the screw a booger, which I understand was the point with soldiers, but it sucks for us collector types.
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I imagine they just hit the protruding end of the screw with a punch. Tis a bugger to get out, but I appreciate having one less screw to worry about.

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Bill Ricca has a staking tool listed on his website. It says it is for staking the sight screw but maybe it was the same method used for all screws. Other than that I don't have a clue.
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On many stacking swivel screws, you can see the mark left by a flat ended punch.

Apparently they rested the head on a padded or brass anvil, then used a light hammer and punch to upset the end of the screw.

Looks like a 1/8" or possible 3/16" standard punch.
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The staking of the ends of screws required different staking tools than the ones I have. My tools stake the hollow end of the elevating pinions.
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Thanks for all the replies on this subject, but what I need is what the screw actually looks like after it was staked on the stacking swivel. I need to determine if my gas cylinder is really a SA. TIA
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