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What kind of clips with the Greek and Korean on clips?

I am trying to make some decisions on what kind of ammo to hoard. I also have less clips than I would like.

I have gotten a pretty good feel from other posts of what you guys think about the various ammo out there and am leaning strongly toward the greek. But I would really appreciate it if you guys could help me make my decision. I was wondering what kind of clips are coming with the greek hxp that the CMP is selling vs. the Korean that AIM and J&G are selling.

Thanks much guys!
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The Greek ammo is on Greek manufactured clips. The AIM Korean KA-72 ammo is on USGI mixed clips. The Greek is in sealed "spam" cans while the AIM Korean ammo is in USGI .50 cal ammo cans. Certainly the Greek will last longer, if that is the goal.
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But the Greek has a 10-20 year head start on the Korean.

"Buy em both!" One of each. Whichever shoots better for you, get more.
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Old 09-23-2005, 03:54 PM   #4
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I got a case of Greek on clips (Lot 4006-62) last week. Clips were mostly MBZ, BRW, and IS, with a few SA, and 1 WRA. Most were reparked and in nice shape, with one bandolier having used clips in it. One of the spam cans had been opened and taped shut (inspection?). HTH.
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Old 09-23-2005, 04:30 PM   #5
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I got a case of Greek on clips (Lot HXP4053-73) this week I gues they are getting to the younger vintages! I have not had a chance to open the sardine cans yet but everything came in top notch condition.
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Old 09-24-2005, 10:08 AM   #6
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All the ammo in my four cans (bright and shiney) came on post war Borg Warner clips. Even received a few WWII bando's.


rifle guy
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Old 09-25-2005, 11:43 PM   #7
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Thanks guys! I think based on everything said here and what I have read elsewhere, greek is the way to go. Thanks very much!
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Old 09-26-2005, 09:43 AM   #8
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I just got a flier from Centerfire Systems and they have the KA ammo on clips in 50 cal cans, 384rds. for 69.97 + 8.99 shipping. The shipping is for as many cans as you order 1 - 100. I think I figured if you order one can it's about .21 per rd., two cans it comes out less than .20 a rd. and then you have the can, clips and bandoliers left. If you figure .50 per clip, 5.00 for the can, .50 per bandolier that makes your ammo about .12 per rd. for one can. It is CORROSIVE but it shoots great, as good as LC, in the garand I don't care to break down for cleaning. I shot a 454/500 in a 100 yd match with it one time. The clips I have gotten with this in the past have been several makes, SA, IS, BRW.
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Old 09-26-2005, 09:49 AM   #9
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I can honestly say that I have personally never experienced anything bad with the Korean ammo. I know that others in the past claimed they have, but I like it. I was buying 384 rounds on M1 clips, in .50 cal ammo canc fron ammunitionstore.com for $59 per can. They raised it to $65? I have had only one dud in the thousands of rounds fired. And as far as the corrosive ammo worry, clean your rifle and you won't have to worry about it.

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Old 09-26-2005, 03:11 PM   #10
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I really don't want to shoot corrosive. I know it shouldn't be a problem and I do through my bolt actions but I'd rather not in my beautiful Greek HRA SG. The Korean I was referring to is the non-corrosive PS that AIM and J&G are selling on clips.

It is actually a little more than the Greek. I am going to save the brass for reloading and from what I have read, the Greek has better brass too.
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Old 09-27-2005, 02:46 PM   #11
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Century 30-06

Century has .30-06 on sale @$59.99 per 384 rd. can. You pay a flat $12.00 shipping for 1-10 cans. It is KA72 corrosive on USGI clips in a USGI .50 cal ammo can. All in all a very good deal. I never shoot corrosive in my Garand but do run it as is in my '06 & '17. Good, clean ammo.
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Great question, made me go through all the clips I got with the korean I shot. All USGI clips, even found a WW2 SA clip.
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