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Loose M1905/42 Bayonet on M1s

I have M1905/42 bayonet which is loose on both my 5 MIL SA and my 2 MIL SA.

I thought the bayonet might be a repro (the sheath is real), but the more I look at it the more convinced I am its not a repro (or, if it is, someone did a great job of making it look 63 years old, which for what I paid for it was an awful lot of work for little return) - especially after disassembling the grips.

The looseness is in the bayonet lug on the rifles interface with the bayonet lug channel in the bayonet. Once its on. it wiggles. I don't remember the M1905/42 I had with my old M1 or my old M1903A3 doing this so badly.

Any thoughts?
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I think those bayonets are just naturally going to have a loose fit. Mines the same way. This is probably just to keep it from having a bad effect when the barrel and op rod heated up during prolonged firing.
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I gave up trying ot find a tight fitting M1/M1905/M1942 bayonet. If you willing, pick up an M5A1. They fit much better, but of course are of '50s vintage and different design.
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I think all bayonets have "play"n them when installed - at least this has been my experience with the M1, M5A1, & M6 bayonets. This makes up for manufacturing tolerence issues.

The only bayo that fit tight was an Eickhorn made M5A1 with a Danish crest. The thing had to be hammered on and off.
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