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any new danish owners?

ever since the $ increase all ive heard about was the greek sg. i was wondering about the danish rifles. i havent heard about anyone getting one lately. and the ones that i heard about seem to be great. just wanted to know since my first purchase (sg gk) will be at the end of the month and i may just order one of those too. to all the danish owners out there, how do you like 'em? and what did you have to do to them if anything to get them going? and whats the chances of me getting one of those with the great var barrels? i just want a shooter that i wont have to have much done to it. jon
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I have owned a Danish service grade for right at a year. My first Garand. Very happy with the rifle itself. Dark, cosmo soaked Euro-trash wood was chucked for a new stock. All springs were replaced with a complete set of Wolff. The VAR barrel finally settled down after a couple of good scrubbings with bore paste. This is the first rifle I have ever owned that was an absolute THRILL to fire with open sights at 100 yards. I can put them all in the black at that range. The rifle will probably shoot better than I can or have to date as it has never been sandbagged or fired from a good rest.
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I got 2 danish racks in 2 days before the price increase. All the danish have been graded and the new grading system will not effect the ones all ready graded, so what I got will be typical of what you will get.

The 2 danish racks had a TE = 3 and 4 with ME of 3++ due to poor cleaning methods. I pulled those off and will put new ones on because of the 3++. I sure most people would have been happy with how those barrels shot but I doubt they would have hit the X ring but would have hit the black. One of my best shooters had a 3++ by the way, but I had bought a couple of CMP service grade pull off's when they had them for sale and theses rifles were projects for me.

Lot of cosmoline. I have an old small deep fat fryer that I have full of mobil one synthetic oil (will not alllow moisture to get under it like regular motor oil) that I cooked the cosmoline off the parts and that will leaves a coat of oil that will protect and will come off easily when I get ready to parkerize.

Finish was well worn and mostly gone in my thinking so into the wash bucket, then to the bead blaster (you can use naval jelly) and into the park bath for everything. Everything look great now.

Wood stock were rough. One cleaned up nicely, and the jury is still out on the second. The second looked like it had been sanded down and butt plate metal was over lapping the wood. Handguard wood was in great shape and will clean up nicely.

We are seeing that the past service grade rifle is becoming more rare and CMP is finding more rack grades than anything else and CMP also has tons of rack grades in stock. Orest has stated they they are not running out of M-1's but that rack grade is going the type that will be the most available.

The two that I got in will be pretty typical of what you can expect of rack grades, especially with the new grading system. Just get ready for projects. If you are not now, you may have to get into parkerizing and maybe even putting on new barrels to get rifles that are "service grade" in the near future or send them out to be done.
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Most of the Danes that I saw at the North Store were worn. Most of the bores swallowed the M.E. gauge. Finish varied from almost nothing to fair. Stocks were not all beat up but many were Euro wood. Would be a good choice if you were looking for a WW2 rifle. If I wanted a shooter a USGI Rack or Field grade might be a better choice. A Greek service grade even better.
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I got a SA RG Dane about a year ago. MW 4 & TE 4. Great looking rifle. Needed a lot of cleaning. It has a lead dipped July 43 receiver and a SA 12-43 barrel. I like the beech wood.




This was shot at 25 yards, standing.
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