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308. Garand match leagal? Garand gunshow shopping.

FNG here. Bet you couldn't tell. Are Garands chambered in .308 usually competition leagal for Garand matches? Or does it vary from match to match? Thanks. Tomorrow I will be attending a gun show looking out for my future USGI Garand. Maybe she'll be there maybe not. Any tips on what one should look out for would be appreciated. Thanks again.
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Nope. As issued M-1's or earlier rifles only. Go here. http://www.odcmp.com/NM/CMPGames.htm
Forget the gun shows and jump through the hoops required by your CMP. There really is no better government sponsored program on the face of our planet. Shoot the matches anyway. They're fun.
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As stated, for the CMP's JCG match, an M1 must be "as issued"... 30-06 chambering and no "match mods" or NM marked parts.

However..... for the CMP's EIC matches (known as "Leg Matches") and for the NRA Service Rifle comps... the sky's the limit on the mods you can make to the M1. Heavy barrel, .308 chambering, full bedding, front end unitizing, Match sights, etc.....

Best regards,

Garands forever
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don't over pay for one at a gunshow!!!
go to the civilian marksmanship program web site and get one!!!!! they start at $295 for a greek rack grade, to usgi service grade for $500 and you will get alot better garand for any money there! if youe military like me it a little easier, but if not its still not that bad, go on there site you will find a range in your area you can join that the CMP excepts, and the rest is pretty much just copying paperwork, and a wait for it to come! BUT you know were it came from, and its not some re-weld!
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If you read the replys you just got very carefully, you will see that you need at least two M1 Garands. One for the J.C. Garand matches and a more accurate one for Leg matches and NRA High Power. Word of warning: If you keep looking at this web site, you will end up with a whole lot more than just two Garands!!!!!!!!
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Thanks for the responses everyone. Getting a M1 from the CMP seems like the best course of action. I will be able to get a few of them for the price of newly manufactured one.Better also they will be the real thing. Now just need to join my local CMP affliated club, obtain a C&R FFL and I'll be set. Got to get to work now.
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you don't need a ffl for your garand from CMP to be shipped to you.
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TV Vet,

As mentioned, you don't need an FFL (C&R or dealer 01) to receive an M1 rifle from the CMP, even in the politically correct heart of California

Heh heh, imagine if you lived in Berkeley, and the big white truck brought "the greatest battle implement ever devised" (Gen. George S. Patton) right to your doorstep.

Take that, you Commie b&%[email protected]#*s
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