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I was going to send my rack grade out to West Texas Ordanance, But I here they closed. So I decided to keep it local. Who does parkerizing and barrel install in the San Francisco Bay Area? I saw an add in Garand Collectors Association for a guy named Richard Hudnut in Santa Clara Ca. Any body use this guy? Also who has good prices on new .308 barrels and Weinig [spelling?] stocks???
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Are you even allowed to own a Garand in Ca.?

You better send me that rifle so you dont get in trouble with good old Diane. I'll make sure it gets parked.

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yes, we can have Garands, but we are not allowed to bugger farm animals or siblings, so you might as well stay where you are.
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The sad thing is that we probably owe our freedom to the M1 Garand rifle more so than any other weapon ever built or fielded. And if Di Fi and Chuckey Shumer, and John Kerry and Teddy had their way, they would all be collected up and destroyed.
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And if Di Fi and Chuckey Shumer, and John Kerry and Teddy had their way

Yuk, retch, ptui !!!!


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Re: parkerizing

Originally Posted by scoutII
Also who has good prices on new .308 barrels and Weinig [spelling?] stocks???
I have 308 barrels and will have Wenig stocks in about 3 weeks after they get them made up.

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