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Watco & Chestnut Ridge Question...

This is my first time with Chestnut Ridge stain and Watco Danish Oil. The stock is a new Boyd's walnut that I have sanded down to a little slimmer profile. I stained it with the Chestnut Ridge and have rubbed about 5 coats of Watco Danish Oil in natural color into the wood. The problem is that I think it is too red and I would like to brown it or darken it up a bit.
Here is what I have so far:
At Lowe's I noticed that the Watco Danish Oil is also available in a few shades of stain. What do you think would happen if I rub a few coats of stained Watco Oil into the stock?
Any other idea's?
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I like the color as is. Looks nice. You do good work.
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Here's what I'd try first. Get some denatured alchohal and use it on a rag. Wipe down the rifle with it. It will take up some of the CR stain. Actually, it'll take up more than you expect. The alchohal will penetrate the oil finish, as does CR, without messing it up. Do this a few times and see if it is "de-Red-aficated" enough for you. I've done it plenty of times, and it works pretty well. Its one of the great things about alchohol based stains like CR, you can always pull a fair bit of it out. If you like the results, just put another coat of oil on it and you're done. If you are still unhappy, then try a stained oil finish like you were thinking.
For future use, here's a trick I started using a while back with CR. I apply my BLO first, then the CR, then more BLO. It lets you control stain absorbtion a lot better. That dry wood just sucks up the stain. Also, you can cut CR with Denatured alchohol before you apply it. This also helps to control how much red you get.
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Personally, I like the CR red color. That said...

I use the Watco natural quite a bit. I've tried the watco med. walnut & wasn't really pleased with the end result, so here's what I would try:

Alcohol based dyes like CR and Fiebing's Leather Dye will penetrate an oil finish. If you want to darken/brown it up a bit, go to the Tandy Leather Company's website and order a bottle of the Chocolate dye. When you get it, just rub it into the stock, it will penetrate the finish. Do it lightly, in several coats. Once you have it browned to your taste, stop.

I'm pretty sure Fiebing's makes the Chestnut Ridge stain in the first place (their tan or med. brown dye), so don't worry about using leather dye. It works very well.
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I love that 'red'.
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agreed, I like the red.
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I agree the red look's good I have a m14 stock about the same shade of red.
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yeah if your garand has a really nice park job the red should look sweet next to it!
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I recently refinished one of my CMP stocks with a combination of about 50/50 R. Gale Lock's #69 and Chestnut Ridge....it came out very similar to your set with a bit of a deeper reddish brown color to it. It really looks good. If you like the color of your stock now, don't even mess with it. It's a very nice job, especially since it's your first time you said using those products.
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The red is perfect for an IHC. But then I'm a bit biased.

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Originally Posted by LtBlue425
The red is perfect for an IHC. But then I'm a bit biased.
"It takes red to pull the sled!"

Big Red IHC:
click the pic for a higher resolution image...
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I'll agree with that. Here's my IHC in the middle.
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Ok guys, you have convinced me. I'm going to leave it alone. As I read your posts this weekend and kept going back down to the shop and looking at it some more, (I actually had the can of denatured alcohol out) it began to grow on me. I do want to thank all of you for your replies though.
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