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Korean Ammo

Garand is on the way, now I am looking for supplies. Is the 70's Korean ammo worth having. The add claims it is non corrosive and boxer primed. $90 bucks for 400 boxed in a ammo can.

Thanks for the help....
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are you sure its non=corrosive? were are you getting it for $90? i found a couple places for $80 shipped in can and loaded in clips. but it corrosive?
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The Korean sold as 400 rounds BOXED is most likely non-corrosive. The lot number should start with a "PS". The Korean sold in clips and in bando's is usually corrosive and lots begin with "KA". The KA stuff is cheap and a nice way to get clips and bando's.
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The Korean ammunition in boxes in the can is noncorrosive. There is also ammunition in clips in a can, that's corrosive. The corrosive is headstamped "KA".

For the noncorrosive, there's a list about a page back regarding lot numbers that have had problems with split cases. Check it out.

And have fun, I love my Garand!!
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I just got AIM's catalog in the mail. They have 400 round cans of PS for $75, and 376 round cans of KA for $62.50.
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How much is shipping from AIM?

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Old 02-01-2005, 10:46 PM   #7
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http://www.aimsurplus.com/acatalog/Kore ... 30_06.html

Try this.

Edit: On target, I bought a can last week. Wait until I get home in the morning and I'll check the shipping cost to Florida.
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Thanks Vanilla!

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Wideners has the PS for $70 plus shipping.
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I just received 2 cans of KA ammo. I went through it all and found 64 rounds of PS-75 ammo inter-mixed. Nice condition too, but no idea of Lot Number! Lots of nice SA clips, but the majority are BW marked. A good deal, all things considered.
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