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De-rusting en bloc clips

Well, after reading the thread about white vinegar removing rust last week, I decided to try cleaning up some moderately rusty clips I'd gotten from the CMP last year.

An ~ 18 hour soak followed by a scrub with oil & steel wool not only removed every speck of rust; it removed every last bit of parkerizing too.

Well, I'll have to get them reparked. They are oil coated & should be ok until I can get to it.

I can read the stampings on the clips now. A few BRW, a bunch of SA, and a few marked W4.
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Live and learn. I asked about this a while back, guess I now know 18hrs is too long. Thanks for the heads up.
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I've come to the conclusion that the best thing to do is just spend a few more bucks up front and buy new clips. In bulk, they are really realtively inexpensive----I had picked up quite a few from the likes of both Bill Ricca and Widener's a number of years back----still have well over a hundred or two 'stockpiled'.
They are virtually impossible to 'wear out', and I find that if I take reasonable care of the ones that are ejected, I can reuse them ad infinitum.

What I have found works well----after I have used them----is to brush them off with a good, stiff, large-sized, paint brush----then-----spray them down with some heavy duty spray silicone. I then let them "drain" any excess spray, and then, store them---until I'm ready to 'reload' them----in ammo cans. Have found this process works quite well----and avoids the grime, oil and grease associated with using 'thicker' petroleum compounds.
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Thanks for the advice CBR. These few clips were part of my share of the "leavings" from one of the boxes of CMP clips a friend & I bought last year. I've got plenty of good servicable clips.

This was just an experiment, & I am pleased with what I learned from the experience.
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Thanks for the info. I bought a bunch of clips from SARCO couple of months ago that were advertized as cleaned up and reparked.
They were $10 for 30 and they look great. Been a while since I've seen cheaper clips.
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