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MePoocho 02-14-2019 05:27 AM

Bolt & Ejector Arm Failure
Hey Folks,

Several days ago I posted asking for advise on M1 parts vendors. I received very good inputs and advise. Thank you all.

A few day later I did a lengthy post which described a failure that happened to my M1. I was asking for possible causes, and showing photo's of actual damage.

When I tied to submit the post I got a dialog box stating something like 'Your Post Is Under Review...' That's OK with me because in our world today 'review' is fine by me.

But now it has been several days and my post has not shown up....

I'm not fuss'n, I just would like to get some feed back from this vast knowledge pool.

I did contact the forum via e-mail, but just thought someone might have an explanation for me.

I'll just be 'standing-by'.....

Snake45 02-14-2019 08:19 AM

I checked the Mod/Admin section. No activity there this month.

I did find your post with pics of the broken bolt by running a search under your name:

It's right there by clicking on the M1 Carbine forum under Battle Rifles. I have no idea why it's not showing up on the Home page with other new posts.

MePoocho 02-14-2019 08:26 AM

Here's What I Got....
1 Attachment(s)

Large thanks for the info. I 'clicked' on the link you posted and got this.....

I'm really perplexed.... I'll write the Admn. again.... All I want to do is fix my little M1....

Thank you again for taking the time to help.

Snake45 02-14-2019 08:42 AM

Very weird. When I click on the link, I go right to your post.

Did you try going to the M1 Carbine subforum direct and looking for it?

MePoocho 02-14-2019 09:03 AM

1 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by Snake45 (Post 610566)
Very weird. When I click on the link, I go right to your post.

Did you try going to the M1 Carbine subforum direct and looking for it?


Don't mean to be a pain,,,, See attached. I think I'm in the right spot. I really think that my account is messed up.

I've written the WebMaster, but I do not get any reply or even ab acknowledgement.

Maybe I should just forget this account and register again with a new one. It just can't be as hard as this.....

Again..... thanks.

Snake45 02-14-2019 09:17 AM

I see your post just fine, and it has attached thumbnails.

Here's what it says:

Hey Folks,

I need to pick your brains.... My wife and I were recently target shooting my old granddad’s IBM (mixer) M1 that he used in Korea.

All was well for about three clips of ten. Then occasionally after a shot a new round would not chamber properly. But the spent round casing would eject. When this occurred I would have to remove the clip, slide the bolt to the rear, and remove the new round from the receiver. The round would always be angled up and not captured in the end of the bolt or aligned with the barrel.

After clearing the jam, the M1 would resume firing properly. Later while my wife was shooting, the carbine malfunctioned again. I instantly thought it was just another miss-chambered round.

I tried to slide the bolt open, but discovered that the bolt had fractured on the forward right side. The retractor arm was dislodged and a broken chunk of bolt had wedged in the receiver. This caused the slide not to move.

Once back home I used a flat nosed drift and cautiously drove the retractor arm out of the broken bolt / receiver area up from the bottom. This allowed for slide movement so that I could field strip the unit.

My inspection revealed that the only damage other than the bolt and ejector arm was the bottom edge of the receiver's left forward side. The channels on the slide arm for the extractor show no signs of damage.

Another question would be the appearance of the ejector arm. To me the ‘business’ edge of it does not look like the drawings I see showing a new one. (?)

I found that I could install the broken bolt in the receiver and move it forward and aft freely. The left forward edge of the bolt will rotate clockwise in the receiver track properly.

My concern is the deformation to the lower edge of the receiver boss forward left side. Again, the bolt will rotate and slide rearward smoothly. With the old bolt forward it appears to be positioned correctly the breach.

I’m thinking of smoothing the receiver’s rough edge slightly and replacing the bolt (complete). I really would like to keep my Grand Pappy’s serial number.

I realize that the best would be to also replace the receiver, but……… It’s like what the very old carpenter told his friend; “This hammer is my most favorite hammer ever. I’ve only had to replace the handle twice and the head once. I just love it.”

I should say that I am capable and have all tools except the bolt assembly/disassembly tool, which I will purchase. Actually, I should already have one.

Please review the attached photographs and give me your thoughts concerning the receiver deformation and possible failure mode…


MePoocho 02-14-2019 10:16 AM

This Is A Head-Scratcher

I am lost. If others have seen my post I'm not seeing any responses to it from them. Except for your response.

Man, I'm lost. I've been using different forums for many years now and this one has got me.

I do not understand why I could submit 'this' post we are using now, respond to it and you see it and respond to it, but my important one I can't find or see. ????

Maybe I'll try to re-submit the post again... It will be the third time.

If anyone else can find my post with the failure and photo's, please send me PM or respond to this thread.

Again thanks.........

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