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Rumpless 01-25-2017 12:26 PM

Hello all, I'd like to find out more about this. I can give you an overview of what I see...

Standard Products receiver- 2,152,xxx
Underwood barrel- 1-44
Front sight- N
Adjustable rear sight- shield w/H
Bayonet lug- unmarked
Trigger housing- horizontal Inland (upside down)
Bolt- Inland
Op rod- PI in a square, drawing number on bottom
Hammer- U
Seat- BI
Recoil plate- DI ( I believe)
Trigger- (don't know yet)
Safety- J.A.O., I believe
Mag release- M or W, with AD above it
Stock- RSG in sling well, SG with crossed cannons on right side, SA over SHC with cross cannons on left side

Any good info would be awesome. I know there are some experts on here.

GunGeek 01-26-2017 08:49 AM


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