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I was in the Carbine heaven yesterday!

A friend had some problems with the accuracy from his Inland Carbine -approx 10 cm groups on 25 meters- (M1 carbine is a serious part from the match scene here in holland, and unbelieveble high scores are achieved!), so he ask me if I could do something about it. I noticed that his barrel was worn out, so we went to a retired gunsmith in Amsterdam. That guy imported the M14's from Vietnam in the 80's, and if you find a accurized, high scoring M1 rifle here in Holland, than is that Garand proberly build by him. Oke, so we went to the basement of his workshop, and that erea was stuffed with M1 Garand and M1 Carbine barrels, stocks, tools clossets with small parts ! Never saw so much spare parts in my live! Anyway, my friend told him his problems, and the gunsmith only asked something like: "Is money a issue?", my friend answered "no" and within 5 minutes, the wornout Inland 1943 barrel was replaced by a beautiful NEW! Springfield 1954 barrel ! The headspace was checked, and a new -tight fitting- bold was installed. The rearsight made place for a later manufactured type, and the stock ended in the trashcan and a new, thick, walnut (winchester) stock was placed.
At my home, I did some work on the triggergroup so it breaks like glass now, and went inmediatly to the range for some testfire, Result: a 5 shot group of 1 centimeter at 25 meters with German 1987 manufactured DAG ammo! The windage needed only 3 clicks to the wright, and the elevation one position higher to punsh out the 10 ring ! His only damage was Euro 200,- of parts, and he has now one of the finest M1 Carbine I ever shot! It was a great saterday!


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That's outstanding accuracy Roger, and not a bad price either. Not many people realize that the M1 Carbine CAN be accurized, but it wasn't very important when they were manufactured. They only had to hit a man-sized target out to 150 yards to satisfy the military, so quantity versus accuracy was more important. The SA barrels have always had a good reputation for accuracy, I wonder whose machinery it was? The original manufacturers were required to sell their equipment to Springfield Armory once their contrats were finished. Since the government owned SA, cost wasn't as important as quality, and it sure shows with that Carbine!

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