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Rear sight

Hi fellas, My buddy just bought an Winchester carbine in nice shape. He's was happy with it until I brought up the fact that the rear sight is staked clear to the left side of the of the receiver. It's a peep sight, it doesen't hang over the receiver, but it's as far to the left as the dovetail will let it go. Won't this gun shoot poorly? If it's on at 100 yds., what's it going to do at 200? The stake marks appear to be the original ones, not a rebuild. Opinions? Thanks
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Re: Rear sight

Not unusual to see rear sights shifted to the left on carbines. Not sure why always to the left, never saw one to the right. Just shoot it, thats the only way to tell if its a shooter
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Re: Rear sight

It should have little effect at 200 yards. If it is on at 100 it should be about 6 inches or so to the left at 200.
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Re: Rear sight

I've got an IP and the sight body is centered but the aperture is all the way over to the left side. It's spot-on at 200 yds. Only has about 4-5 clicks left until it "bottoms out", so to speak. Guess that's just kind of normal.
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Re: Rear sight

As per the others. Only a couple of my carbines are centered on the dovetail. All the rest are to the left , even the flips. On the adjustable sights that gives you a centered peep set close to "O" for a NWO. In a no wind setting , most all rifles with right hand twist will drift bullets to the right as the range increases.
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Re: Rear sight

Thank you Tailgunner and others. I learn more stuff on here then on any other website, and that includes google or the others. Thanks again, I'll pass on the info. BTW, I just ordered a CMP carbine, hope all goes well and I get my piece of carbine history.
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