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carbines received, wide variation.

Received SG Rockola and SG Winchester. Rockola 6 mil. range, muzzle a little over 2, about 80% black re-park. Rockola un-dated barrel, bolt,slide trigger housing and stock. Stock has lots of "character", and rebuild stamps, but can be cleaned up. Worth the 675. The Winchester, 5.7 mil, had a W marked barrel, a worn numbered slide that fell off when the recoil spring and guide was removed and a flat W marked bolt that was pitted. It also had a 'fat' stamped stock and a very worn inland trigger housing group that also fell out after the pin did.The only finish on it was the first 4 inches from the band to the muzzle and the rear part of the slide handle. Another words, when it was in the stock, at first glance, it appeared o.k, loosening the barrel band and removing the action from the stock, the metal was in the white, including the slide and trigger housing. I speak about this in past tense, because it was returned and I received a refund on the CC. There's no substitute for going up and hand-picking what you want. Just wasn't able to make the 1200 mile trip last month. Just wondering what everybody else is getting as it seems no-one is posting about the carbines.
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I got a very nice Inland back in October. Appears the Italians never took it out of the crate.

It's the one on the bottom !

Semper Fi, Rob
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I hand-picked mine at the North Store.
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Originally Posted by jimb16
I hand-picked mine at the North Store.
same here........picked out a nice WINCHESTER RG, that was in SG condition, MW of 1, and no pitting of the bore or any parts. it don't get no better then that

Originally Posted by 2110
Just wondering what everybody else is getting as it seems no-one is posting about the carbines.
I did a report on my experience at the NORTH STORE ... highlight=
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I was in on the first batch of orders when they started selling. The barrel wear has to be 1 or less because it's basically dead on. The second time I took it out to shoot I was hitting 3" metal targets at 50 yards easily. Even my kid brother, 9 years old, had no problems hitting the targets. It functioned great, shot amazingly, and looks pretty good for an old rifle. ... ine008.jpg

I can't wait to get my CMP Garand!
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Definitely the way to go, handpicking the ones you want ...... the earlier Inland release I received I posted about... nice carbine, apparently the Italians re-parked it as evidenced by their arsenal stamp just foward of the chamber, under the handguard. Good value for the price. I was referring to the lack of posts from those mail ordered on the latest release of Rockola, Winchester and Quality carbines.
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I was lucky enough to score the trifecta. After degreasing two of them I found that the only reason they had any color to them was from the grease that the Italians preserved them with. They came out of the parts cleaner with very little finish and rust under the barrel band. They look a lot better now with a fresh repark.
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Not as many Carbines

There are a lot of happy people posting to the CMP Carbine fourm. I was real happy with the barreled receivers I purchased, one was a Underwood S marked receiver 2 of the four had original barrel and receiver combinations, good bores and some with real good finish some not so good.

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Some strange pictures over there, one series where 3 carbines are displayed in an empty fish tank??? Some other carbines that look like they got dragged on a rope behind a pick-up. Glad you got some good barreled receivers, not everyone has the knowledge, tools and skills to build rifles.
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