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Just got my cmp inland and have some questions

I got my inland and few days ago and I was wondering about several things on it.

1. The serial number is in the 112,000 range and for some reason the serial number is stamped behind the rear sight as well as in front of it. Why is that?

2. When my gun arrived it was devoid of cosmoline except for the bolt. This concerns me because when I removed the recoil spring it had some rust on it. The inside of the muzzle also has a ring of rust extending about 1/8th of an inch into it. What can I do about the rust.

3. When dissasembling the bolt can I just dissasemble it like a garand and pop out the extractor with a screwdriver?

4. The gas piston nut on my inland was staked in place but on my saginaw and my dad's inland they can be turned. Does the nut need to be staked in place or is it okay if it is just tightened?

I can't think of any more questions although I'm sure I'll have more as I work with this gun. Thanks.
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1. Originally your carbine had a type 1 rear sight (flip-sight). When it was upgraded to an adjustable rear sight, the new sight obscured the S/N, so it was restamped in front of the dovetail.

2. Give the bore a good cleaning, that should get rid of the rust.

3. It isn't nearly as easy as an M1 or M14 bolt. I highly recommend that you buy a carbine bolt tool. It's worth buying.

4. The nut should be staked in place. they aren't meant to be removed for routine cleaning.

Congrats on getting your new carbine!!
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