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Winchester Stock

I have a real anomaly…the Inland carbine I purchased from CMP has a stock with TREMBLE, TN in the sling recess and a W.R.A./G.H.D. cartouche along with the ordnance escutcheon on the right side of the butt. Now from my research the stocks produced by the Tremble Nursery and Furniture Company were used by National Postal Meter, Underwood, and Saginaw Gear during their production of M1 carbines.

I emailed Bruce Canfield and he commented he would be suspect of the authenticity of the cartouche if the rifle did not come from CMP. My stock is a type III so either Saginaw Gear or National Postal Meter would be the correct cartouche. How did Winchester acquire this stock? They manufactured their own during their production.

Interesting to say the least.
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Hmmmmmm....... Sounds like M1 Carbine gremlins at work again.
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Winchester probably ran short at some point and received a quantity of stocks from Trimble, or possibly, this stock was part of an interchangability test and received the WRA cartouche.
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Anything is possible with carbines. The real question is..."where did you get this stock, and HOW much did you pay?"

If a faker is at work, you would have bought the stock alone and it would have cost a lot because it is "Rare as heck!"

then I am very suspicious...but if you just stumbled on this for normal carbine "prices" I cannot see how it cannot be authentic.
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Keep in mind too, that wood is the easiest to fake. Stamps are readily available and someone with some knowledge of wood can age it to look right.

I am actually surprised not to see a lot more of these kind of "weird" and "rare" examples.

I thought an evil one would be an American Aviation Stamp on a winchester pump. Soooo easy to do and then make up a great story. Wood is just too easy to stamp and age. And I bet no one will give you an answer to your question.

the really sad part about this, is after it changes hands a few times, the owner will pass it off as real because he believes it, soon no one will *EVER* believe an all original carbine really exists.

I already don't and would only pay premium prices for an all correct carbine if I had some sort of provenance.

A lot of guys (some on this very forum) are buying carbines by the dozen and swapping parts to get "original" as issued carbines. It is why I will not collect these guns...I would buy a 600 dollar mixmaster shooter and enjoy it. I would not collect them. IMHO.

fun guns...I am sure I will own another...and it will be a mixmaster, with a type 3 band, a flip safety, and all the other "non collectable" parts possible.

Enjoy your oddity for whatever it really is.
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