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In Work...

This is an early Inland barreled receiver I bought a while back. It's been sitting in my safe and I've finally decided to do something with it.


More pics here

I still need to assemble the bolt, clean the slide, install the slide stop and then lube the action. Maybe I'll have it done in time to shoot this weekend.

When I bought it, I just bought the barrel and receiver, nothing else. The seller sent me an e-mail when he shipped it and said he'd included a "few extras" though. The extras turned out to be a nice repro M1A1 stock, a real Inland flip-sight and type 1 barrel band, as well as an Inland front sight and oiler.

The S/N is fairly early, and I'll never be able to find all the right parts at a reasonable price so I'm just building it as a shooter and will install the correct parts as I find them. I've scrounged a type 2 slide, dogleg hammer, type 1 sear and type 2 mag catch (all Inland). I still need a type 2 Inland housing, a real checkered Inland push safety (good luck finding one) and an I-cut high-wood Inland stock. I'm not really looking, but if I find the right parts I'll pick them up.
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I decided to restore that Inland lineout Rock-Ola receiver I got from PBI. After my coup yesterday, I only need a couple of parts. Most of it is done.
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Old 06-08-2007, 12:30 PM   #3
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I believe I still have a ty2 inland housing that was reparked at some time. Let me know if interested
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Thats gonna be a beauty !!! Thanks for sharing..........
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Darn Quag!! I thought my 475xxx Inland was low-numbered.
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Thanks guys! It's not a light colored as the pics make it seem, that's just the way the light hit it when I took the pics.

I don't know if it's the hammer, the sear, or a combination of the two, but this carbine has the lightest trigger pull I've ever seen. It can't be over two pounds. I'll have to try a new sear and see if that makes a difference.

T: Yes, I would be interested, thanks!

Retmsgt.: It isn't that low a S/N, the barrel is dated 1/43. There are lots of them out there lower.
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