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magazine disassembly

How does one disassemble a 15 round magazine - besides carefully? What trick of the trade am I lacking? I may not be the sharpest tack in the box, but I had to quit trying as I was afraid I was going to damage the magazine . Thanks for all insight.
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Magazine Disassembly

From TM 9-1276, February 1953:

Section XII. Magazine Assembly

68. Disassembly

a. Grasp magazine in left hand with base up and rounded face toward the body. With left thumb, press up on forward (rounded) end of magazine base until the base can be slid out of its retaining grooves in the base of body. Movement can be started by inserting the rim of cartridge or point of screw driver in indent in top of base. Restrain magazine spring as base is removed and withdraw from tube. (Bases of recent design are ribbed on the inside for stiffening and have an overhanging lip on the round end. Such bases can be removed by inserting screw driver under lip and pulling up and out.)

b. Reverse tube and slide follower to bottom of tube; then, grasp long rear flange of follower and rotate down out of tube.

c. If follower sticks in tube, insert screw driver or similar tool from top of tube to bear on rear end of follower and press on follower until stop flange is clear of tube. If flange will not rotate out, press up on opposite end to assist rotation. Do not force. Grasp flange and rotate follower out of tube.

d. Do not disassemble the magazine except for cleaning or salvage. Early type nagazine tubes had a lip on the lower rear wall of the tube which often necessitated removal of the follower as in c. above.
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The described procedure is accurate, although not essential to use your left hand and thumb. Received some mil spec magazines that came inundated with cosmolene and the only way to get rid of it was to disassemble and clean all magazine parts, re-oil and re-assemble. After completing a couple of them, it was easier.
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First question...... WHAT magazine???
A pistol mag, a M1 Carbine mag, or something else?
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Are we all so bored we're reviving decades old threads?

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No, "we" just received the magazines and this was the only place that I could find a procedure for M-1 magazine disassembly. Is that OK?
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Perfectly ok. That's why these are archived.
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