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Is this M1A1 Stock okay or bent?

I am 99% sure this is a USGI M1A1 stock, however it has a bend that is not present on my repo M1A1 stock. I could not find any pictures in books or online that show a USGI paratrooper stock from above.

Link at bottom for some pictures. First is the stock from above. I included some more just in case anyone wants to comment on the stock and whether its the real deal.

There is a faint OI marking inside the stock and the milling marks on the wood match the picture in Canfield's book. There is also an RI3 marking on the bottom of the grip. No other marks are present.

I figure they either wore off from honest use or somebody, either military or civilian sanded the stock down. I think this is likely since the hard to reach area of the stock, at the heel between the stock arms is dark and the nose is also dark where as the rest is lighter. Also grip could be replacement. Finally, handguard is not OI.

Also increasing the likelihood of some Bubba sanding the stock is that gun inside the stock, a 1.1 million Winnie has a type 3 band with the lug cutoff to resemble a type 2. I knew this when bidding, what I did not know and found out after removing the handguard is Bubba decided to cutoff the lug with the band still one the barrel resulting in a nice semi circle cut in the barrel about .20 inches deep. Still leaves plenty of barrel wall for safe operation.

The Winchester has a matching barrel and correct slide and trigger group. Blued flat bolt inland. Sights are rearesenaled adjustable.

If stock is bent, tips for straightening it out would be appreciated. Also, should I make a stink about the cut in the barrel or leave it be? I did buy it auction but could make a case for hidden damage and try to get amends. I paid $1100 for the whole thing plus tax.

I figure if I am $500 into the stock and $600 for a shooter Winnie w/o stock, I am doing pretty good given what these things sell for nowadays. Winnie barrel gages only 1.0 at the muzzle.

Thanks for the input.
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Yes, from what I can see in the photo angle you linked, the wire stock does appear to be tweaked about 15 degrees or so.
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Very nice! I agree with Marine1, the stock is bent. The wire portion should be straight. Since it is slightly offset at the hinge, recoil keeps the stock from folding. That means that no offset of the wire is needed. Someone must not have liked the feel of the stock or was a left-eyed shooter firing right handed! Those are the only reasons that I can figure for bending the stock that way.
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Finally got around to posting the pics after I tried to straighten the stock.

I applied some pressure and I kinda felt it just sort of pop into place. I think it might still be a bit tweaked, but it seems much better now and I will probably just leave it alone.

Top pic of original link in first post is the before pic.

Two pics after:
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Quake Guy nice looking stock. I hope you mean .02 cut around the barrel instead of .2 Almost 1/4" is not a good thing.

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yeah good point, I will need to remeasure because .02 inches seems to shallow. From memory its at most 1/16 of an inch deep which would be .0625 inches deep.
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