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RARE Winchester barrel ?????

OK, I got a barrel today that was suppose to be a Winchester. I was upset when I opened the package and found that the barrel had a swaged gas cylinder and an I-cut sight spline. The barrel also has a short skirt. I have several WRA barrels and it did not look like any of the other barrels that I have. The only marks on it are the PW in a circle about 2 inches down behind the rear sight. On the bottom of the flat there is a really small 3, a punch mark and some other partially struck charachter, it's either a C or O or 0. I happen to look through Harrison's book on page 58 & 59, the barrel I have is described right there as number 15. Probably being IBM made and very late issue for Winchester and only two of them being observed. I don't know about this one. Anyone have any ideas? I will try to get some pics up tomorrow.
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Where did you get it?
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Where did you get it?
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I have two of those IBM barrels with integral gas housing but they are loose.
I though IBM did not use swaged on gas housings. Could it be a fake barel?
If yours is a real IBM barrel on a non-rebuilt Winchester carbine the serial number could tell when Winchester used the IBM barrels.
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Winchester barrel made by IBM?

I just discovered that I have a Winchester barrel, with the PW intertwined, but with the IBM I shaped spline cut as described in Harrison's book on pages 58 and 59...barrel number 15. Harrison indicates that "Only two of these barrels have been observed"
It turns out my barrel has a light import stamp on the bottom of the barrel.
Does anyone have any info on this barrel...and is it worth anything more than any other import barrel?
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It depends on WHERE the import barrel was made & HOW RARE that the maker's goods are.
(I would give a "goodly pile of bucks" for an Indonesian Navy Garand 7.62x51mm barrel, with the correct markings, or a "certified as authentic" RVN barrel.)

Since 1969 when I first went OCONUS, I've seen exactly ONE/REAL Vietnamese Garand barrel (Fwiw, the RVN "contract barrels" were "junk"; most didn't pass inspection. - That's why they are FEW.), NO carbines and NO Indonesian Garands.

Fwiw, when I was stationed in K-Town, I was "told that" Luxembourg made a FEW Garand barrels for their National Police and "some carbine parts". - I cannot imagine that any country would "tool up" to make so few of anything, so the "reported Luxembourg barrels and small parts" may be so rare as to be NONE!!!
(All of the M1/M2 Carbines & Garands that I ever saw in the BENELUX countries were either "plain vanilla" US-made, Danish rebuilds or Berettas.)

yours, sw

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While this is an old post there is some bad information in this thread. In the first place to anyone using Harrison's book, GET RID OF IT!!!! It is filled with bad and outdated information. Now to the Winchester barrels Harrison said there were only two observed.

Post WW2 the military had stored a lot of carbine making equipment at Winchesters plant. This was in case the military needed more carbines they could have Winchester up and running quickly as they were the only gun maker left that made carbines. Winchester received a contract from the military to make a run of replacement barrels for the carbine. Winchester did not want to stop production of their firearms so they broke out the first set of equipment the military had stored at their plant and it turned out to be from IBM. Winchester went ahead and filled the contract making barrels on the IBM equipment and that is why the barrels came out with the I cut for the front sight key. They made thousands of barrels and not just two that Harrison observed.
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