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Newbies: M1 Carbine Book

New collectors.....I highly recommend this book, US M1 CARBINE A WARTIME PRODUCTION, BOOK #4.....By Craig Riesch.... for all beginning collectors to inspect the parts, parts revisions, arsenal markings, and codes on your carbines. Be sure the book is the latest edition. There are (4) revisions to this book. The newest revision will be marked "Revised 4th Edition" on the upper right corner of the cover. They retail for $16.95 plus shipping by mail. Please click on the below link.... ... 98879&rd=1
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Even better, here it is for $13.99 "buy it now":
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Craig Riesch's book is the best for collectors, but there are a lot of complementing books out there that'll keep the carbine newbie in reading material for a while.

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While Faulkner is correct in that there are many references available, I believe the Riesch book is the best starting point, and will put us all on the same page when referring to parts & types. This reference has become the standard for classifying the changes made during production over all the others, so don't get confused when reading the other books and references, as they are older and out if date on many subjects.
For the person serious about learning the history and background of the Carbine, Larry Ruth's definitive books "War Baby!" and "War Baby! Comes Home" are a must have, although very expensive. They start from the beginnings of the .30 Carbine and take you up to the 90's, and are the best reference for accessories and details ever written to date. Jesse Harrison's "Collecting the M1 Carbine" series of field manuals have alot of good info that isn't in others, but many mistakes also, so you have to use your judgement as with all. Material becomes outdated quickly as we discover new info about the Carbines, but they are what we have, and you never, ever stop learning with the Carbine.

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