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IBM Project

A buddy & I installed the barrel & an adjustable rear sight on the receiver this weekend. Here it is in the walnut M2 stock I got from Sammy:

click the pic for a higher resolution image...

IBM receiver & barrel
SG slide
Inland round bolt & trigger group
I.R. Co. rear sight

I didn't feel like going out today (Sunday), so it'll have to wait until next weekend to see how it shoots. On the down side, after getting the barrel installed & looking at it in the sunlight, it as a small arlington ordnance import mark on the underside of the barrel. Really hard to see, & I missed it in the initial inspection, but I'm sure the seller knew about it even though he didn't mention it in the item description.

At this point it's just a shooter. I've acquired a correct trigger group to install on it, but doubt I'll go any further than that.
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Looks nice. Kinda sucks about the import mark that wasn't disclosed.

I've still got to replace a milled rear adjustable sight on my RockOla. Got any tips from someone who has recently done the deed?
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There was no sight on the receiver when I got it.

From what I understand, the right (slide) side of the dovetail is the wider side, so use a punch to drive the sight out in that direction. Depending on how heavy the staking is, it can take a lot of force to get the old sight off. You'll almost certainly have to secure the receiver in a vice to hold it as you punch the sight off.

We installed the adjustable sight from the right, and it got progressively tighter as we drove it towards the left. It's centered on the dovetail, ready to go.
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