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NPM Carbine Question

I took my NPM Carbine to the range and found all my shots to be in a tight group but to far to the right. It has adjustable rear sights so I just cranked on the knob and kept sighting it in. I finally got it sighted in but the rear sight is all the way to the left of the sight base and the sight base it self is not completely centered on the receiver it sets too far to the right. I thought about drifiting it over with a brass punch but wanted to know what your ideas may be.
Also the serial no. is 1461*** when do you think it was built. It has a Underwood barrel marked 2 43 with the flaming bomb on it. It also has stamped ever so lightly on the barrel ARL. ORD. ARLINGTON VA. what does that mean? I got it for 650 do you think that was a fair price?
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If you can shoot it accurately, and you have a little windage left, I'd recommend that you just leave it alone. If it ain't broke.....
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Although a brass punch should not do any damage to the rear sight, I use a piece of paper between the sight and punch to keep brass shine off the sight. You might look at the stake marks. If they are off the little knoches on the rear sight, It may have got moved in shipping. Try to punch it over a time or two. It may by loose enough to move easly. If you hit it two or three good times and it does not move, leave it. The receiver dove tails can be busted off.
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Arlington Ordnance was the re-importer of your carbine, which was sold/given to some other country, then sold to the importer. Different countries provided varying degrees of care and maintenance to their carbines, so there's no telling what may have happened to your sight. Obviously, the sight base needs to be at least centered to begin adjusting to point of aim. I would try to drift it over as above, then re-center the ghost ring and start over. You also need to determine if the front sight is on straight and if the barrel index marks line up. It's also possible the barrel is bent, but most likely the rear sight was changed out for some reason and never finished or adjusted.
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Thanks for the info. I will try drifting the sight over with a brass punch tonight. I beleive the sight has been changed since it has the adjustable type for windage and elevation. I will let you all know what I find out. thanks again
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