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Pall Bayo

Good morning

What is the price range for an early Pall bayonet?
I haven't had a chance to look at it yet. And are there repodutions bayonets being made? If so how can you tell the differance between a USGI and a repodution? I don't want to by a repo at a USGI price.

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A usgi will have an ordnance bomb or other US markings on it, a repro will probably not. I have a repro made by Kiffe, Japan. It is a great repro and was not too expensive. it was made in the '60s I believe so it has 40+ years of aging to it also. It has a real M8 scabbard though

I just looked on ebay and there are a few Pal bayos for sale on there...there was one on a while ago that sold for $84...should be a ballpark number.

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How rare is a Pall compared to other maufactors? And does it in crease the value?
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You can spend big bucks on a bayonet if you want a good condition leather handle WW2 one. I asked for one for xmas and my dad found this one for me not knowing it was a repro (duh it says japan dad ) He still paid a fair price for it and was not taken. Do some searching on Ebay or google for "m1 carbine bayonet" or "m4 bayonet" or any combination thereof and you will find can look at completed listings to get an idea what they are selling for when the auction ends. There are a few retail places that sell bayonets, you can find them with google. That is about all I can tell you about bayonets. Someone much more knowledgeable will chime in soon Im sure.
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The Pal bayonet is pretty much in the middle of the pack as far as rarity goes. Its not the most common (Camillus, Imperial, Utica) nor is it one of the rare ones (AC, Robeson, Boker) They generally sell for close to the $100 mark for a leather handled one in good condition. You really need to learn more about the details of the blade shape and grind to be absolutely certain you aren't getting a fake or a rebuild. Although the fakes aren't real common yet, they are out there. And the plastic handles are rebuilds or fakes. Check the peening at the end too. If it has a hollowed area behind the peening, then its a rebuild. Some of the less common ones include WWII era rebuilds that have molded rubber handles and wooden handles. There is a lot to learn about them and that is almost a separate hobby in itself.
I recommend that those of you who want to learn more do a search for Frank Trazaska's web site. Gary Cunningham (also and author on US bayonets) has his on-line info page there called Bayonet Points. Well worth the read!
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