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M-2 Carbine "Legal" and "Illegal" Owners

There have been many questions asked on this Forum about the possession and/or conversion of an M-1 Carbine to select-fire M-2 status. We have outlined below, the Federal guidelines for such to all parties who may be interested in this "machinegun" conversion "legally." Please direct "any future questions" about M-2 Carbines to the "Class 3 Forum."

Any future M-2 Carbine (question and answer threads) "will be automatically moved" to the Class 3 forum by the Moderators, "without notice."

This forum is for M-1 Carbine discussions only. We hope the following information will assist you and your questions. Thank you for your consideration.
  1. Being in possession of "unregistered" M-2 parts kit(s) that were "not" registered before May 1986, is possession of an "illegal" machine gun. Before May 1986 it only required the filing of a Form 1, (intent to convert an M1 Carbine to an M-2 status.) This would also require finger printing, and a photo, in addition of local law enforcement (Chief of Police, County Sheriff, State Police Director, etc.) whichever would apply to your residence. The waiting
    period would be at their descretion. Note: Having in your possession, "at any time," all of the necessary parts for this conversion(s), until such approval had been received, was also a "machine gun violation."[/*:2sw39yqx]
  2. After May 1986, (Today) it is still "illegal" to be "in possession" of the parts necessary to fully convert an M-1 Carbine to an M-2 status. (Today) "legal" ownership of an M-2 Carbine is achieved "only" by buying a "currently registered" parts kit(s) If such should be available.

    If you do find a legally registered conversion kit(s), then those kit(s) are "considered" the machine gun, "not the M-1 you install it on." These kits can start at about $2,500.00.

    Second is to purchase a "legally owned and registered" M-2 Carbine on a Form 4, and registered through a Class 3 Federal Firearms Dealer.

    The Department of Justice can and will prosecute any NFA violation with the upmost priority. Fines and imprisonment may constitute ten (10) years in a Federal prison and $250,000.00 in fines. [/*:2sw39yqx]

(Source): Licensed Class 3 Dealer; Confirmed: BATFE (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives)

(Marine1 Carbine Forum Moderator)

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