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I have a brand new .22 LR handgun that came with a pair of 16 round magazines.
One was always a problem with the follower hanging up, the other works great.
Any ideas on what you use to get your magazine in top shape?

I tried a couple different methods loading, #1: push load the rounds down like you would loading a ruger 10/22 mag vs. The depress the follower tabs on the sides and drop down the cartridges.
The drop method follower can hang up so it helps to exercise it 2-3 times.

Is there a dry lube?
Graphite, wax lube.

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I've been experimenting with WD-40 Dry Lube with Teflon in shotgun magazine tubes and pistol mags.
I buy it at Menard's but you can get it online and in other stores.

So far the shotgun tube jury is still out, but the pistol mags seem to be good to go.

I would not use graphite if the gun has any aluminum parts. Graphite seriously damages aluminum.
I also would not use a wax. Wax is okay for preservation, but not as a lubricant in most cases.

If the gun is new, just contact the maker and tell them you got a bad magazine. No doubt they'll give you a new one and may not even have you send the old one back.
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Patty Rogers swore by Vagisil...
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I knew crosscountry skiers use wax on their Ski's as a dry lube.

I once had a Ramline magazine for a Ruger 10/22, it was hanging up, So I tried a shot of aerosol lube down on the follower and it made the darn thing dissolve and fall into pieces.

Im apprehensive about putting spray lubes on plastic.
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