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New Colt King Cobra Target Weight: What's the Deal?

Recently I've read two reviews of the new Colt King Cobra Target (4 1/4" barrel) where the weight was given as 38 and 39 ounces. This is as much as a steel 5" 1911, and a bit more than a Smith 19/66.

Colt's own website gives the weight as 36 ounces, still as much as a steel Combat Commander.

The new KC is based on a new version of the old D frame, home of the Police Positive, Detective Special, and Diamondback, and the alltime 6-shot .38 weight value champ. By comparison, Wikipedia lists the weights of the Diamondback in 2.5, 4, and 6 inch lengths as:

.38: 26, 28.5, 30.5 ounces

.22: 28.5, 31, 36 ounces

The Colt website has the 3" (fixed sight) version of the new KC as 28 ounces, which seems reasonable (and very practical). I'm having a hard time seeing where another 1.25 inches of barrel would add 8, 10, or 11 ounces, depending on whose figures you believe.

WTH is the story here?
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Clinton math??
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