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New Python Accuracy Test

Great writeup/shooting test by Wiley Clapp in the new American Rifleman. He not only shot both 4" and 6" barrels, he also tested them against "vintage" 4" and 6" Pythons. Outstanding!

I was amazed at the consistency. Each gun was shot with two types of .38 and two types of .357 Mag ammo. Not a single group average was over 2", and most of the group averages (all four guns) was in the 1.25"-1.5" range. The single best average group, which was under 1", was shot by the new 4" gun with full .357 ammo. I didn't see that coming!

My own two vintage Pythons are very different. The 4" doesn't shoot noticeably more accurately than any of my S&Ws; if I can get a 2" group out of it, it's a good day. The 6", OTOH, is a tackdriver; 1" groups with .38 ammo are expected. I don't know how it shoots .357s, as I've never put them in it and I never will.
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That was my experience too. While they looked great mine did not shooter nearly as well as a couple of my S&Ws
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Hard to beat a Smith revolver trigger, at least an older one...
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I skimmed the article. DId the new action eliminate the old action habit of not lining the chambers up with the barrel until the trigger was fully back? The .32 Police Positive #2 son bought scared the dickens out of me when I checked it. The cylinder visibly wasn't aligned properly with the barrel when cycled.....then I remembered the trigger had to be all the way back. Race between hammer & cylinder to get lined up before the bang.r

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While I'm a "Vintage Python" owner, I'm absolutely delighted to hear that. I have zero need for one of the new Python's because I'm delighted with my old one. But I'm just giddy that the Python is back, and can be had for a semi-reasonable price. I'm also delighted there is a good chance when all the dust settles, the new one will be better than the old one.

I'm always a wait and see kind of guy, and I RARELY buy the latest and greatest; I like to let the eager beavers do the product testing and development for me (I'm lazy). But from where I'm sitting, I think the Python is going to be a home run for Colt; and they haven't had enough of those in recent memory.
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