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Originally Posted by Doughboy View Post

Pardon me for pointing out that the WWII Germans actually captured so many SMLE that they actually "accepted" the British arms for German military/police service & thereafter reissued them to "2nd-line troops" after Dunkirk, throughout the rest of the war.
(The estimates are at least 50K SMLE & many thousands of rounds of .303 British service ammo were captured by the Germans, between Dunkirk & the North African campaign.)

SOME Model 1911 pistols were also captured/issued by the NAZI army to "foreign troops" & to the Waffen SS. = The actual number of "accepted for service" .45ACP pistols is UNKNOWN to me.

yours, sw
Of course the Germans never let a weapon go to waste, but the TV depictions are just errors in the way they are shown.
Also the Germans issued Norwegian Colt .45's that were made by Norway under Colt license and the Germans continued production. They even had an official holster for it.

If you watch the TV shows that run original WWII film and watch close you can often catch interesting things. Over the past years I've seen....

Germans armed with various allied weapons including the Lee Enfield and the M1 Carbine, which the Germans liked.

A German standing on a tank deck armed with the rare German copy of the British STEN gun. This was a direct copy except the magazine fed from the bottom of the receiver.

A British soldier riding by on the back of a tank who's armed with a long double barreled shotgun.

A US soldier at the meeting with the Russians on the Elbe River.
He has a standard war time Carbine with no bayonet lock and the flip rear sight, but he has a 30 round magazine in the Carbine.
No, it's not two 15 round mags taped together.

Two Germans in Poland shaking down some civilian.
One is armed with what looks like a British .455 Webley revolver.

Somewhere in Eastern Europe is a non-German soldier armed with what looks like a heavily modified British STEN copy with a flat tubular folding stock.

Supposedly few if any American stamped Liberator pistols were actually used.
However, there's a picture of a native Burmese Kachin agent with a Liberator stuck in his waist band. He's so small the Liberator looks huge.

All this just shows that anyone would use any weapon they could get their hands on, but the TV shows abuse this simply because they don't know any better and they use the props they can get without regard to authenticity.
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