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Identifying a very old pistol

My parents have an old, single-shot pistol that they believe is from WWI.
It is a TINY gun and the serial number appears to be: 35351.

How can I identify exactly what it is and what it's value is?

After that, where is the best place to sell it?

Thank you.
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Pictures would be nice .... or an exact description, including maker's name, model, caliber .....

Serial #### .... not so much ....
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What Tommy Gun said we need a lot more info.
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bearcat, did you ever have a rifle with the sticker that said, "It's swell. It's from Matel?" They made stocks for the m16 for a short period. Didn't do anything to make Snuffy hate the gun less. 8-(
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Fwiw, I disliked the M16, i.e., "The Mattel Special", so much that I "issued myself" a Model 37 Ithaca pump-shotgun in lieu of a rifle in BRD.
(At the range where I was ever likely to have to fire a shot in anger, I never felt that I was "under-gunned", there.)

Otoh, when I was "seconded to an international organization" & where our team-members were allowed by COL Santiago de Vega to carry any forearms that we had "in stock", I carried a USN-type NM Garand in 7.62NATO & a pair of BHP, that had been "seized from a narcotrafficante".
(I also had a Spanish-made double-barreled 12-gauge shotgun, too.)

For some odd reason or other, we had "acquired" a HUGE quantity of Lake City ammo in both M2 Ball and 7.62x51mm. The armory also had numerous cases of Spanish-made 7x57mm ball ammo, too.
Handgun ammo was 9x19mm & .45ACP, from Argentina.

Note: One member of our team, who was the equivalent of a US SFC/E7 from a Central American nation, by personal choice, armed himself with a FN-made BAR. = "Arturo" was about 74" tall & 270 pounds.

yours, sw

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Nope, never had one that said Mattel on it. I was in Germany when we first got M14s. We never got any training on it I guess they thought it was so much like the Garand that we would figure it out. Which we did. We did go qualify with them right away, I loved the accuracy it was outstanding.
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Any that might look like one of these?

Allen, Union, Stevens, Flobert, Scheintod, Zimmerstutzen or Remington?
Attached Images
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File Type: jpg images_1597641945009.jpeg-9.jpg (4.7 KB, 3 views)

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Pictures without words are not much help

Are there any markings, verbiage or anything stamped written or engraved on any of the guns? I did not see any of that from your pictures.
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You guys are responding to a post that's over a year old. The OP, has not been back since June of last year. Some necro-posting is ok . . . sometimes, but lets try and be practical and maybe read the actual posts so you know what you're commenting on/about.
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