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The Webley revolver, reborn?

Someone shared this on a response to a Forgotten Weapons YouTube video about Webley revolvers.

It looks like a new manufacturer has re-engineered the design in .357 Magnum.

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While the finish and grips are beautiful I have always found the overall design to be somewhat homely.

There is a lot to like about top breaks though, and in the closing decades of the nineteenth century I might well have picked a Smith & Wesson Model 3 over the Colt SAA.

I know...I blaspheme.
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In a gun fight the S&W makes sense. Pop it open and empties are gone and you can reload and be back in the dance while the guy with the Colt is still fumbling along.

And the smith gave the world a "short Colt" with the .45 Government round.

Who, besides me, remembers the day you could buy a bucket full of the Webleys for about $25.

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Looks like the proverbial "answer to the question no one asked."

I didn't see a price, but I can't imagine that it will be under Two Large.
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Cameron says it's coming soon:

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I remember WELL buying 2 DOZEN Enfield Commando (ugly but perfectly serviceable) revolvers in .38 British Service caliber, with "usable holsters" for 12.oo each, when we lived in New Orleans in the early 1970s. = We issued them to guards at the oil refinery construction site that our little security company was contracted to protect from thieves/arsonists/trespassers.
(This was the first time that "I dipped my toe into" the security contracting business. = The company that my buddy & I started was really LOW tech & started "on a shoestring". = We bought 5-buck khaki shirts from Sears, my ex-wife sewed a "security guard" patch on each of the issued 2 shirts per man, we bought navy-blue caps from "the dollar store" & we told our employees to wear work boots & blue jeans.- Nonetheless, the client was very pleased with our work & as time went on the "little company that could" got more profitable & also got more clients.)

yours, sw

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And the PRICE is??

yours, sw
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Almost 50 years later, I still kick myself for selling my Mk VI. Yeah, it was big & ugly but I could double action clay pigeons at 50 yards with (nearly) every shot. I'd like to see a redo of the Mk VI chambered in .45 ACP. Not sure I'd want to pay for it, but I'd like to have the choice. No interest at all in the Mk VII.

I'd think the saw handled S&W frame would be a better seller and so would the Schofield version(rereading the ad, they may have done that) of the older design. OTOH, I understand they don't require reloads in SASS. I'd like to fondle one, but the sights are too damn small for my old eyes.

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There are some Indian made Revolvers being imported.
The smaller caliber was chosen so that it would be legal for civilian ownership under Indian law.
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