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Enter the Trython

I have a feeling that Charlie and a few others here will enjoy this story. Why they didn't just go ahead and run it in the Rifleman is beyond me. But I'll save you the trouble of looking for it:

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This looks pretty fun. I like the "You can get a shooter" part. My problem is that, being nowhere near as skilled in the art of wheelgun artistry as some of the folks here, I'd have to track down a smith who could do it. Still, the potential for custom creations is very tempting.
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Back in the late 60's the Vietnam War was on and Colt was heavily involved in manufacturing for it.
For this reason, new Pythons were very nearly impossible to find, but strangely, new Python barrels could be had.
Also easy to find were new or near new Colt Troopers, since it had just been discontinued in 1969.
Also still available were Colt 3-5-7 Models which had been discontinued in 1961.

So, some enterprising custom gunsmiths began building "Trythons" also known as "Poopers", and "Troop-ons".
They welded up the front of the top strap to mate up with a Python barrel, tuned the trigger to Python levels, and gave them a Colt type Royal Blue polished finish as used on the Python.

After a couple of stories about this appeared in several gun magazines a number of people had these made up.

This can cause some problems with some people who are convinced they have an early Python.
Since at that time the Python was sharing the same serial numbers with the Trooper and the 3-5-7 Model, it can be very difficult to detect one of these conversions based only on the serial number.

One way is to look for a faint blush in the bluing on the top of the frame where the frame was heli-arc welded up to match the Python barrel.

I seem to remember at least one man who spent a good bit of money for an "early Python" only to discover some time later that he had bought a converted Trooper.

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Originally Posted by DavidE View Post
This looks pretty fun. I like the "You can get a shooter" part.
I HAVE a "shooter" Python. It's a 4" of probably early/mid-'70s manufacture with no box/papers, a little holster wear on the muzzle, a moderate turn ring, and very slight mistiming (if you cock the hammer slowly, the cylinder doesn't lock up on a couple chambers, but it does lock when the trigger is pulled, either SA or DA). I'm not afraid to shoot it at any time (except maybe in the rain). Couple years ago I let my son take it to his ANG pistol team's practice match, and he scored a LOT of points with the Team Captain by lending it to him for a match. The guy had never held, much less less shot, a Python, and was in awe of the thing (and my son).

I have another one, too, a minty 6" with box and papers. It's also of early or mid-'70s manufacture, and AFAIK I'm its third owner and have been for about 40 years or so. It's never been shot with Magnums AFAIK, and it hasn't been shot at all in at least 20 years, maybe 30. Last time I shot it, it put 6 wadcutters into a cloverleaf at 25 yards that looked like three shots. It's everything a Python should be, except maybe even older/earlier. I DO plan to shoot it again, sometime, but I won't abuse it with Magnums.

I also have a late first-gen Trooper, in .22. It too is a beautiful gun in its own right. If it were in .357, I'd never "convert" it to a Python, as the Trooper is a fine gun as it is.

I suspect that someday, clean, unmolested Troopers and Colt .357s will be as rare as clean stone-stock '55-'57 Chevies and WWII M1911A1s are today, and for exactly the same reason.
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