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Accidental Discharge

An accidental shooting inside a men's restroom damages a toilet and injures one man.

A 26-year old Salt Lake City man was using the restroom Tuesday at the Carl's Jr. in Centerville when his 40-calibur handgun accidentally fell and discharged.

The bullet hit the toilet bowl, breaking off a piece that cut his elbow.

A Google search shows that calibur is a sword so I assume that they meant caliber.

Novice that I am, I have been under the impression that most semi-autos would not fire with the safety on if dropped. Is this an exception or indication the safety wasn't on or have I just been laboring under a misconception?
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Re: Accidental Discharge

Not enough information to tell. When the stars align and certain guns drop just so, they can fire. With modern weapons it is usually the exception to the rule but it certainly can happen.
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Re: Accidental Discharge

That's my story and I'm sticking to it !
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Re: Accidental Discharge

I agree with Charlie, it sounds like someone did something stupid and made up a story. I don't know how many times I've heard "The gun just went off." when someone is talking about an AD.
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Re: Accidental Discharge

Are you guys suggesting he was sitting on the throne playing with his gun?
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Re: Accidental Discharge

Probably dropped or it fell out of his holster/pocket. I can see him droping it because I have almost done it myself.
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Re: Accidental Discharge

Are you guys suggesting he was sitting on the throne playing with his gun?
No, he was sitting on the throne playing with his derringer when he dropped his gun!
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Re: Accidental Discharge

Then the answer to the question "will semi-autos discharge if dropped" is a definite maybe. Obviously the solution is not to drop your firearm but I doubt this poor guy intended to draw the attention that he got by dropping his (if he did).

Is any particular semi-auto less prone than others to have an accidental discharge if dropped or has there been any study done on this? I'm partial to 1911's and I'm not planning on dropping one but I am curious.
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Re: Accidental Discharge

Everybody thinks a dropped gun will fire, but it's nearly impossible, particularly with a firing pin safety. Even without one, I can direct your attention to the Kel Tec P-11. It has no manual safety at all and no firing pin safety, but it's one of the safest pistols out there. It has a very light firing pin with a strong spring. I don't know how many 'G's' it takes to make it fire by striking the muzzle, but it won't happen by dropping (or throwing) it. It cannot be cocked or left cocked - you could call it 'double-action' but the hammer always follows the slide. It has a long, hard trigger pull that actually acts as the safety - you have to want to fire it! Guns like this are the only ones I will carry loaded. The thing is an inert object until you pull that trigger, and you don't do it by accident.
Take a 1911 for example; it has several safeties to prevent unintended firing, but the big problem is the cocked hammer over a live round, particularly during loading and unloading operations as the thumb safety must be off and the grip safety is usually depressed. This only leaves the trigger, and it doesn't take much of a touch to fire. Still, it shouldn't fire when dropped if everything is is working order. I like an extra-strength firing pin in these just for a little insurance.
Bottom line to me is 99.9% of 'it just went off' is a lie to cover up what really happened.
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Re: Accidental Discharge

How feasible does this scenario sound to you guys:

It's a Glock (or Glock-ish piece of some sort). He drops it, has the "AH SH****T!!" microsecond that we've all experienced, and while it's in the air he attempts a catch/recovery, which he almost pulls off, but in the process of the grab, he pulls the trigger. Boom!
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Re: Accidental Discharge

Sounds like a good scenario Snake. I think we are programmed to try to grab what we have just dropped and that caused the problem. If it were a Glock, he could have let it hit the floor and nothing would have happened, maybe lost the front sight but it would have to hit just right.
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Re: Accidental Discharge

Originally Posted by Inland44
..... the Kel Tec P-11..... has a long, hard trigger .....
YOU GOT THAT RIGHT! I worked at a law enforcement supply business for a while and they sold used handguns. I tried to sell a Kel-Tec to a fella and failed. I couldn't sell it 'CAUSE HE COULDN'T PULL THE TRIGGER! I spent 30+ years in heavy construction prior to that and my hands are still fairly strong. I was able to pull the trigger, but just barely.
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