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1911A1 barrel and front sight questions

I recently got a Colt Sistema model 1927 (1911A1 sold to Argentina). It's in really nice shape, but the bore is pretty worn. Can you guys recommend a drop in replacement that's a good value?

Also, how hard is it to replace the front sight blade? I want some modern sights on this thing, but I think I might want to pass that chore off to a smith.
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Fish, it wasn't actually sold to Argentina, the 1927s were built under license in Argentina on Colt Machinery. They are true 1911A1s, every part is interchangable with a standard Colt 1911A1.

I use alot of Kart barrels, they install easily with the install kit you can buy with them and they're very accurate barrels. Unless you have a FFL and a vendor's license the barrel and kit should run around $200.00 but, they're very-much worth it. I'd class the fitting as minor, they're pretty close.

For the front sight, I'd pass that one to a good Smith. Have him cut a dovetail so you can take advantage of the newer front sights out there. Also, with a dovetail you can center the rear and tap the front left or right to set your windage.
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From bitter personal experience with these weapons a long time ago, I'm going to make a suggestion: Get the barrel hardness tested before you do anything else. There was at least one shipment of these guns in the late '60's/early 70's that were all soft.

More than a few of these pistols had heat treat problems and very badly eroded rifling is the first sign that you may have one of these. I suggest testing the barrel first since you may be trashing it anyway. If the barrel is OK, you can probably skip testing the rest of the pistol. However, the cost for testing the frame & slide as well as the barrel might not be all that bad.

Properly heat treating the slide & frame would run about $100 and require refinish. Or, you could take it back from whence it came.

I agree with Retmsgt. on the sights
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