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Kahr PM9 help

I shot my new PM9 for the first time the other day and when I dissasembled it for cleaning, which is a huge pain, I found that the frame looks kinda chewed up on the right side above the trigger spring. There are small plastic strands that have come off. I also looked inside the barrel and it looks like there's a small nick/scratch on the inside. I only shot around 50-100 rounds through it, all commercial ammo. I'm attaching a picture of the frame. Other than the size of then gun, I have been less than impressed. I hate the fact that to chamber a round you have to pull the slide all the way back, lock it in place, then release it. To dissasemble it, you have to get the slide in just the right place, fighting against the incredibly stiff recoil spring, then tap the slide stop out. I can dissasemble my Glock in less than 30 seconds but not this gun. I tried contacting tech support by email but the guy is conveniently out of the office unti April 17th.

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The photo doesn't show enough detail to be helpful but my advice is to not jump to conclusions.

It is not possible to say without real study of the gun, but sometimes new guns just need to wear themselves in and unless it loses a bunch of material that may not be harmful.

The heavy spring is an unavoidable fact of life with small guns and should not have been a surprise.

Maybe the next step should be a visit to the place you bought it.
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In the paperwork with your pistol is the contact information to call them. I have a MK .40 elite and the slide was'nt locking back on the last round, they replaced the magazines for me and resolved the problem. They make a good product and stand behind it, it's up to you to make them aware of your concerns.
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Keep after Kahr - unless things have changed, they'll make a real effort to make it right.

Several years ago, I had a Kahr P9 which had MANY problems. After two unsuccessful attempts to fix it (they paid postage both ways each time) Kahr ultimately replaced the pistol.

I believe they were making an honest effort to do the ethical thing, but being of the "once bitten, twice shy" persuasion (and feeling a little bit ticked off to be Kahr's unwitting beta tester), as soon as the replacement came in, I traded it for a Glock 26.

So while I can't fault the company for their business ethics when it comes to stading behind their product, I still have serious reservations about the mechanics of their polymer pistols.

The G26 isn't as neat & compact a package as the Kahr was, but it has the virtue of actually working. That counts for a lot in my book.

Good luck.
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Can you please clarify..."unless it loses a bunch of material that may not be harmful. "
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