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Doughboy 01-03-2019 08:20 PM

As new s&w model 642-2 "snubbie"

OK gents, so I bought this little J-frame AIRWEIGHT revolver in .38SPL plus P for Darla for Christmas but she has now decided that she wants a 9mm sub-compact purse-pistol.
(What I said under my breath is UNPRINTABLE, too. = :mad::mad::mad:)

The revolver has been fired exactly 5 shots & other than it has no cardboard box, it's essentially new.
(It was bought by a Homeland Security Dept. "big shot" but only test-fired. = He got a BIGGER caliber handgun.)

To " our crowd" only FIRST, it's for sale for 400.oo cash, which was my cost.
(I would prefer a face-to-face sale in San Antonio but will ship it at my "out of pocket" cost.)

PM me if you want it OR email me at [email protected]

yours, sw

Doughboy 01-07-2019 02:11 PM

To All,

IF you want to see an IDENTICAL revolver (except that mine has NICER wooden grips), check out:

yours, sw

Doughboy 01-09-2019 12:34 PM


SOLD. = 1300 hours, 09JAN19

yours, sw

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