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Tommyguns and me ....

I was not actually planning on buying anything when I went to a local gun store I occasionally frequent --- I swear.

Last thursday, Feb 13, I took a short trip over to the store. I looked around a little, seeing nothing new that interested me ....until ....

I looked up at the wall on which hung numerous evil black rifles.

A Thompson! Okay, not a real WW2 Tommygun, one of these modern, castrated/neutered versions with the 16" barrel. M1 style, with the cocking actuator on the right side, smooth barrel, no Cutts Compensator.
But the price was right (for me, atleast). And, I had a feeling that if I didn't buy it then, it would not be there when I returned.

So ... Yea .... I bought it.

I generally prefer the earlier 1928 version. But the way Kahr makes these, the modern M1A style is a little truer to the original in some details than their 1928 version, both due to ease of manufacturing and idiot NFA laws.

I'm not exactly sure what good purpose this gun will be used for except as a range toy. Thompsons are actually pretty clunky, heavy guns.

But they are sooooooCOOOOOOOL!!!!!

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What makes me SAD is that I had a chance during RWR' s administration to buy a arsenal rebuilt WWII M1 TSG that looked like NEW for 600.oo plus the 200.oo tax.

I also wasn't bright enough to buy 4 M2 carbine "sets" because I believed that they would never be worth more than the 100 bucks each that the owner wanted.

Some days, I'm more than a little bit "empty between the ears"..

yours, sw
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The semi-auto Thompson guns fit right were the replica lever action Winchester's do..... as a modern shooing replica of a historic firearm that most of us can never afford or even be allowed to own in many states.

It's an absolute HOOT to shoot and always draws attention at the range.
People will want to fire it, and they EAT .45 ammo at a terrific rate.

As for weight, the semi-auto is built just like the 1920's and WWII full-auto guns; from solid milled steel and American walnut.
The Thompson was the world's most over-built gun and they're HEAVY.
In the movies and TV when you see someone waving one around it's a rubber dummy.
You can tell when an actor is handling the real thing, it looks heavy.

You can use original 20 and 30 round surplus magazines by using a 1/4 inch chain saw or other round file to carefully file the magazine catch hole in the rear of the mag higher.
The trick is to file the hole upward until the mag catch will JUST lock in.
Many Thompson problems are caused by improperly fitted mags or just plain clapped out old dirty surplus mags.
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I just checked out an original Thompson mag with my M1 Auto Ordnance neutered Tommygun. I had been under the impression these newer gun had oval shaped lock-holes for the catch, but they're not, they're circular, like the originals.
But, they are in a slightly different position, so your advice to file upwards was correct.

I think, however, if I need other mags I'll simply order more modern ones from the manufacturer. A folder in the case advertised 30, 20, and 5 round mags. Maybe I'll get another 30 and a couple 20 rounders for good measure.
5 rounder ..... ..... NO! JUST NO!!!

"You can tell when an actor is handling the real thing, it looks heavy," -- dfariswheel.

Oh yea. In the 1960s tv series, COMBAT!, actor Vic Morrow played Sergeant Chip Saunders, who carried a 1928 Thompson. Morrow complained about carrying the Tommygun so the studio had a dummy gun made of wood made so he could carry that when it wasn't being fired.
I don't blame ol' Vic one littlebit, either.

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Ok, just got off Kahr Arms website. I ordered 2 twenty round mags and one additional thirty rnd mag, and at $70.00 per mag, it's gonna be IT. Oh ... and the 30 is on back order ..... *SIGH!*
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I suppose the days of dirt cheap military surplus like-new 30 and 20 round mags is over, but I think they're still cheaper then the Kahr mags.

The last time I looked, before the recent guns the magazines were just refinished surplus, mostly made by Seymour Products.

For advice, don't shoot steel cased ammo.
It breaks the extractor.

Kahr recommends only 230 grain FMJ ammo, but I shot a lot of 230 grain round nose lead. It did lead up the Cutts compensator, but the M1 type won't have that problem.

If the sights are lined up well you'll have no problem ringing a gong at 150 even 200 yards.
I retrofitted my 1927 with an original Lyman Thompson rear sight so I could actually sight it in.
It's amazing just how accurate these 16 inch barrel guns can be.
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Or modify the catch so you can use milsurp mags.
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