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A gun's military reputation

So had to giggle about a guy I met at the range. He had a custom M4 and G19. He was very informed about all the high speed, low drag operators that use the same model of firearms he has.

But then he tells me how he has modified them...rather significantly. His "M4" is mostly non-mil spec. He would point out that they're "better" than mil spec.

Well, if you're thinking the reputation of a rifle in combat means something about the rifle you have built in a non-military manner means anything...

His G19 is much the same. 3lb trigger, and aftermarket stainless barrel... Yeah, I'm sure that's what the SEAL's are using as well.

I guess what I'm saying is...If you have an arm for combat or self defense, and you make modifications. Do you really know what those modifications will do to the entire "system"?
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The old GLOCK barrels did not fully support the case at the ramp. This gave rise to what a formerly famous gun writer called a Kaboom. Yeah, they'd blow up wrecking the pistol and not doing the shooter much good either.

That's why I removed the stock polygon grooved barrel and install a Federal rifled barrel in my GLOCK 23. That was several decades back. Do GLOCKs still auto-disassemble at times? I don't know but I'm considering a Model 21SF in the near future.
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I have the exact same axe that Paul Bunyan used, but I upgraded the handle and the axe head.
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I was the rangemaster at Ft Meade one weekend in 1990 when a "[email protected] [email protected]@rd" in the hands of a USPS Inspector EXPLODED & TORE UP his face quite severely. - The inspector came close to losing an eye, too.
(I was over 300M from the actual incident but SAW its consequences. = NOT at all a "purty thang", either.)

I'm told that the USPS officer needed several reconstructive repairs to his face, over a YEAR or more.

I fear those things & wouldn't have one IF it was a gift.

yours, sw
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I will probably never own a Glock, I consider the M&P a superior platform for polymer guns but to each his own.

The Smith's fit my hands better and if my hands like it I shoot it more betterer.
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Walt, have you used the S&W MP in .45ACP? I'm not a Glockophile so it there's a better platform other than the 1911 I'm interested. I'm kicked around the idea of getting a Rock Island 1911 in .38 Super.
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Originally Posted by csmkersh View Post
Walt, have you used the S&W MP in .45ACP?
I have the compact, it's what I carry on weekends or those days when I'm feeling less optimistic about my fellow man.

During the week it's the j-frame so as not to frighten the college critters or the Mennonites.
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My long range shooting buddy bought an early full size S&W M&P .45.
Due to aging eyes he sent it to a gunsmith who milled the slide for an Eotech electronic sight.
He wears it in an IWB plastic holster and even though he's skinny you can't tell he's wearing it.

He has nothing but great things to say about the M&P.
He's never had any kind of malfunction, even with lead bullet reloads and he's shot the Hell out of it.
Of the plastic pistols I've handled, the S&W is the only one I'd have.
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I've never shot the .45, but we adopted the M&P40 in 2006 almost as soon as it came out. Admittedly we adopted the .40 for 2 reasons: we couldn't get 10 mm ammo in quantity anymore (reason we were platform shopping) and S&W wouldn't give us a delivery date on the M&P9.

Very nice piece, I'd never seen such enthusiasm from the troops on any other firearm choice. Many went out and bought personal guns.

About the original topic: there's often quite a lot of stuff that can be improved even if it's mil spec. I always loathed the trigger reach and grip angle on the AR platform as issued. Changing mil-specs is often like breeding elephants: there's a lot of commotion and noise up above and it takes years to get results if there are any. However, the gadgeteers often produce "improvements" that are largely imaginary in the real world but lucrative to the originator. There's a lot of folks who sell fantasies.

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