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Early Super .38 Ammunition


Now I know Winchester originally offered FMJ and a soft point. Does anyone know if any other loads were offered in the 1930's?

Also, were there any writers who worked with auto's like Elmer Keith did with revolvers? I mean playing with different loads, bullet molds, hollow points, etc? I can recall a good deal of writing by Askins, but I don't recall any handloading by Askins for .38 Super or .45 ACP.

Also, does anyone know of any 9mm/38 Super intended bullet molds from that era, especially hollow point?

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As a CONFIRMED FAN of the Colt's GM & GOLD CUP in .38 Super, I do NOT know of a single HP mold for cast bullets that was made earlier than about 1960.

Btw, SOME of the PRE-WWII Super "HIGH SPEED POLICE" factory loads EXCEEDED today's +P+ loadings for the cartridge. = I once (4+ decades ago) bought a box of 50 "contract" 125 grain "POLICE LOADS" at the Dallas Gun Show. Those cartridges out of my GM were REALLY "HOT".

yours, sw
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I'd be really surprised if there were any SP loads in that caliber actually produced......except maybe on contract. The ball type bullet was the common bullet for autoloaders in them thar days. Plus, the Super was produced as a way to try to defeat the body armor and penetrate the auto bodies of the day. That would tend to suggest that a SP load wouldn't be the ideal bullet.

Given the materials and development of the day, I'd also suspect that any "expanding" bullet would need to hit a concrete wall or steel plate to deform.

I'd also gravely doubt the existence of any HP bullet molds from that time period. If someone wanted to play with that sort of thing, sizing a .38/.357 bullet down would have been easier/cheaper, but many of the profiles might not be reliable in the feed cycle.

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Dang I sold my Colt .38 Super and replaced it with a Sig in 357Sig. I miss the .38 and will look to replace it this year.
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