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Ruger Mark IV recall

Link to Ruger Recall page.

I know some of us will be interested.
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If I hadn't just purchased a S&W Victory I would buy a Ruger Mk IV. I have a Mk III, and it is a nice weapon, the IV seems to differ mainly in how it disassembles.

But, kudos to Ruger for being responsible and standing with the customers to make a risky situation safer.
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I've had 3 Mk III's (keep giving them to my kids), and I found them to be every bit as good as the Mk II's even with the lawyer additions. The Mk IV is a very welcome change to the design IMO. I love the Rugers but will readily admit, takedown (especially when they're new) is a bit of a chore. Bummer to hear about the problem but very glad Ruger is doing the right thing.
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This recall poses quite a dilemma for those of us who have modified the Mark IV. I have two of them, and last winter I installed the Volquartsen accurizing kit in both. Along the way I did a video on the installation which has been very well-received on YouTube:

The Volquartsen kit replaces (among other things) the sear, but retains the factory safety. The Ruger recall replaces the both the safety and the sear, so the $64,000 question (well, actually about $89.95) is: will the Volquartsen sear work with the new Ruger safety?

About all that is known at this point is that the replacement safety is marked with the letter "S" over the previously unmarked white dot:


This is a cosmetic modification meant to allow a user to determine whether or not the recall has been accomplished. What is unknown is if this cosmetic change is the only one, or if the rest of the safety has been modified in such a way as to ruin compatibility with the Volquartsen sear.

What to do? I've considered removing the Volquartsen sear and throwing the original Ruger parts in a plastic bag along with the upper (the only part Ruger wants returned) and sending them away for the mod. Even if I was stuck using the new Ruger safety and sear, I'd still be able to use the other two-thirds of the Volquartsen kit, namely the adjustable trigger and the hammer which eliminates the mag disconnect.

I may call Volquartsen and see if they have any insight into the new safety's compatibility.

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I may call Volquartsen and see if they have any insight into the new safety's compatibility.
I think that's the most logical first move.
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