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Colt Canada is developing a new combat rifle

Is this old or new news?

Colt Canada is developing a new combat rifle with the US Marine Corps

While I was conducting research for my article on building a Canadian C8 SFW clone, I found the Royal Canadian Military Institute (RCMI) presentation by the General Manager of Colt Canada. In it, he talked about a number of military weapon projects Colt Canada is currently working on. At 15:45 he talks about a future combat rifle development the US Marine Corps is actively involved with, as well as the Canadian Forces and the British Ministry of Defence.
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I vaguely recall something about this from sometime back. The data linking thing really bothers me. It's not only un-necessary but it would seem to blow operational security by allowing the data stream to reveal the location of the troops.

What it could be is some pie-in-the-sky experimentation being floated to see if there's interest and the MC expressing some interest-if it works.
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It sounds almost like it ties in with the "Network Centric Warfare" concept the McDouchebag Crime Family has been trying to push for about a decade.
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