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Shooting Gallery and Bruce Gray's Practical Shooting Course

Old news for some. New news to me. I look forward to seeing this on the show. Michael Bane will be attending Bruce Gray's next course at the SIGARMS Academy. I took this same course at the Sacramento Valley Shooting Center the first weekend in March. The course was outstanding. I shot the course with a Springfield Champion 1911 but seriously considered taking my Sig P220. I decided to go with the platform I had shot more which was the 1911 but Bruce has promised a makeup day because of foul weather and I'll take the Sig at that time. Maybe I'll have to buy one of those SIG 1911s so I can shoot both at once. I posted some notes about the course and the performance of the gun I shot Here . This is an excellent class for anyone interested in practical shooting.

Mike: Be prepared to be exhausted when you're all done. (How are you going to cram all of this into one show?)
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Bruce's class in Sacramento was alot of fun. I'm fortunet that he is local and I can recieve such high quality training. For anyone what wants to learn better and smarter, I would highly recommend taking a class from him.

Here are a few pictures from his last class.




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I'm looking forward to to. Bruce and I worked together in the NSSF media program, and he and I have been friends for two forevers.

I think I'm going to suck it up and use a SIG 226 (from the usual Blade-Tech belt holster). I shot the 226 in IDPA a little and I keep it by my bed because it's so easy to shoot (and I have a lot of faith in 20 or so Hornady TAPs even if they are 9mm). Like a LOT of people on this list, I tend to default to a 1911 when someone says "class" or "training," because that's what I'm most comfortable with. My goal for myself (as opposed to the show) over the rest of the year is to get as comfortable with a bunch of different weapons' systems as I am with the 1911.

It's amazing how *habitual* habit can be. When I was packing for the GUNSITE 260 shotgun course I took a couple of weeks ago, I reflexively packed a 1911 .45 for the transition drills. Upon reflextion, I took my plain old carry gun, a SIG 225, and the Blade-Tech IWB I use interchangeably with the Alessi J-clip. I was, of course, the only 9mm in class, and one of four non-1911s (the others were Glocks, of course). Of course, my SIG worked...all the time...

Michael B
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Originally Posted by MBaneACP
I think I'm going to suck it up and use a SIG 226 (from the usual Blade-Tech belt holster). I shot the 226 in IDPA a little and I keep it by my bed because it's so easy to shoot
There were a fair number of people shooting a P226 at the class I attended. Also present was at least one P220. There were more Sigs than 1911s. One of the concepts of trigger reset and prep that Bruce emphasizes in the class is much more apparent when shooting a Sig pattern than a 1911 pattern.

In my case the driving factor in my decision was magazines. I didn't have many magazines for my various Sigs except for the P220. In a class like this you cannot have too many magazines. This gives you more chances to shoot between reloading breaks and helps sustain the continuity of instruction. I thought my supply of 1911 magazines was adequate but learned on the first day that aftermarket magazines are not nearly as interchangeable as the more expensive name brands. I also learned that some name brand magazines are not so great as well.

There's nothing wrong with 9mm. As Charlie is fond of noting you should shoot what you can hit with. Shooting 9mm for several days isn't going to beat you up as much. I'm looking forward to this episode; I think you'll earn every penny of your paycheck in this one.

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