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csmkersh 01-26-2017 03:34 PM

My Thoughts on the NRA Election
Everyone has folks they like on the NRA board. There were two that I'd never vote for and now that's down to one*, Charlie Cotton. Yes, he's got some very good stuff in his resume and I do not argue with that. My problem goes back a number of years when he decided that since he couldn't gain control of the Texas State Rifle Association, he established his own gun board. What you do when you vett him is your business.

Cotton, Charles (Board Member) - NRA On the Record

As I noted a week or so back Roy Innis has passed away. Good man and deserving your vote, but.....

Chief Carl Rowan, jr. has had my vote for years. He's a former FBI Special Agent. Some my be old enough to remember his Dad was an anti-gunner but used a handgun to shoot and wound a skinny dipper he caught in his swimming pool.

Tom Selleck has a long record of being a shooter and active in open support of ownership, etc. He was asked to appear on the Rosie O'Donald show and was ambushed by her in one of her anti-gun tirades. When asked about her armed security detail she blew off the answer and claimed she was too important not to have protection.

I don't want ot overlook Sheriff Peter Prinz, who won a SCOTUS challenge against the "Brady law" in Prinz v. United States.

One comment, and maybe Charlie can explain it better, but the fewer you voter for the better.

*Joaquin Jackson passed away 2016

dfariswheel 01-26-2017 05:54 PM

Be sure and vote NO on the amendment question.

Buried in the fine print appears to be a ploy to prevent the members from controlling the Board.
This would allow only people approved by the Board to be elected to the Board.

This seems to be a move to slip by the members a way of taking the Board out of control of the membership.
As in all organizations, there are always people buried in the system who don't like the Great Unwashed being able to interfere with their plans.

Diamondback 01-26-2017 09:07 PM

You mean Wanker Wayne and his Weasel Wonks trying something underhanded? I'm positively shocked and dismayed at the suggestion, I tell you...

CaptainGyro 01-27-2017 03:20 AM

Good writeup Top. Thank you.

Charlie Petty 01-27-2017 01:32 PM

Some years ago the Rifleman ran an ad saying to NOT vote for the following candidates... bet you can't guess who I voted FOR...

I've been a life member since the early 70s and always wondered if there was ever any real competition for board seats

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