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MA Attorney Generals' insanity!

For anyone who hasn't heard, the MA Attorney General (Maura Tierney) decided a week or so back that she was God, and re-interpreted the state's AWB.

She declared that any gun that essentially mimics the functions of assault weapons (ALL SEMI-AUTOMATICS) is itself, an Assault Weapon.

She ORDERED (unilaterally) all retailers to immediately cease the sales of these firearms. As for what the retailers should do with this now-useless inventory, she suggested that they transfer them to other states that COULD sell them.

As a result, gun owners and retailers are understandably outraged (outrage is getting to be a useless term, in these times). There have been marches on the State House, and a storm of letters, emails, phone calls, etc. to reverse the action. The legislature is debating how and whether to respond.

ALL SEMI-AUTOMATICS are now illegal, including things like the Ruger 10/22.

KEEP IN MIND - MA and states like it, are laboratories for what the left wants to implement nationally. VOTE IN NOVEMBER for TRUMP, whether you're a rabid fan, or a #NeverTrump'er It's the ONLY way to stop this crap.

Please support the NRA-ILA and other efforts to get this into the courts.

This is the link to the MA organization Gun Owners Action League, which is our major vehicle for fighting (and occasionally winning) locally...

Gun Owners' Action League of Massachusetts

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I thought a gun forum's members might have some opinions on this. in the Gun Rights, subforum.
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I think it's 'cause most have written off Taxachusetts. I feel your pain, it's the same here in Left Coast Hell...
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Originally Posted by Diamondback View Post
I think it's 'cause most have written off Taxachusetts. I feel your pain, it's the same here in Left Coast Hell...
What people need to realize is that what works in MA, CA, NY, NJ, etc. is on its way toward national implementation once the Dems take the WH one more time.

The moves will be MASSIVELY ACCELERATED if they also take back the Senate, and perhaps the House.

Remember, there was a time when we thought things like traditional marriage were protected, then we thought it was a states' issue, then we found out that it didn't matter what individual states thought, or which way their referenda went.

The COURTS would decide.

That's how gun laws are going to go too!

We have to stop hanging on to the notion that somehow the Constitution protects us.

The Constitution was used to END traditional marriage, and it didn't matter WHAT the people thought.

This Constitution has less meaning or relevance, every day, to those in power!

The USA WILL BE governed by executive order, bureaucratic decrees (regulations), and court decisions.

Mark my words!
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